Aug 4


Posted by Matty

Don’t fret, Nancy will be updating soon. She’s been out with a cold for a few days and hasn’t been feeling like writing anything. In case you were wondering, her throat hurts, she has a fever, and she coughs an awful lot. Sick, sick, sick. She is eating chicken noodle soup, juice and cough drops. I expect that she will be up and around very soon.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Aug 4

Great expectations

Posted by Nanc and Matty

So, there’s a pretty good reason that we haven’t been updating the blog lately. (Besides the fact that it’s summer and there’s all kinds of fun things to do outside.) The big news is that —

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Aug 9

Stash enhancement

Posted by Nanc

Was it sun sickness? Heat exhaustion? Solar flares? What caused me to go bonkers and buy more yarn? Heck, I even admitted to Bonez the other day that “Boy, I sure have a lot of yarn.”

Some of the thoughts that were going through my mind at the time: Do I have *enough*? Is there ever “enough?” How will I knit it all? Man, I’ve gotta get it all knit up! Especially if I wanna buy some of that SeaSilk. Of course, I was under a large pile of yarn trying to reorganize and pack up my stash so that it didn’t completely consume the house.

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Jun 24

A girl likes to have pretty things. Even while knitting. That’s why there’s “knitting jewelry” (stitch markers and row markers). A shiny bauble or more to have hanging about even during the most boring, garter-stitch drudgery.

Well, this crafty girl along with her gal pals Pamelalala, Petra and Kathy (see this? if y’all had websites, I could be spiffy and link them here) have gone and made their own.

I’ve made way too many for myself, but am a greedy with my preciouses. (Is it too late to make a Gollum reference?) I’ve made some as gifts and some for the heck of it – ’cause I liked the beads. It’s addicting, I tell ya’. And it’s not like knitting’s not addictive enough, now I’ve got a beading habit to go with my fiber jones.

So here’s a couple of pics o’ knitting eye candy and perhaps a little instruction. I gotta get some knit on… like NOW!

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Dec 30

Scarf #5 -Nakoda’s SS

Posted by Nanc

I’ve put needles to yarn and have knitting up a Secret Santa gift for my mom to give to my nephew, Nakoda. (It’s after the holidays, so I’m okay letting the secret out.)

And then I get gushy about the craft. Damn me for being a girl!

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