Feb 26


Posted by Nanc

Yay, it’s done. I’ve finished my brother’s Christmas gift… before St. Patrick’s day. Okay, so my original goal was to finish and send it before Christmas, but ya’ know how these things happen. (And if you don’t, read here.) But from what I understand, it’s still cool in Cincinnati, so I’m still good. Besides, there’ll be another winter soon enough.

For the fact sheet, I used Lion Brand® Wool-Ease in Wheat on size US#8 needles. I learned a new technique using a bit of crochet to hold stitches and worked the first tail to the end, and then picked up the stitches off the crochet bit. There are 14″ of the checkerboard pattern, then about 14″ of ribbing which keeps the scarf cozy about the neck, and then another 14″ of the pattern again. It’s not a scarf to tie around your head, but to keep your neck warm and then dangle attractively for all to admire.

Click ‘read more’ for bonus photos of the “Matt” Seaman’s Scarf.

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Jun 9

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything knitting related. I have been knitting though, and getting quite a few Finished Objects (FO). I’ve just been too lazy to take pix or post. But I’m here to take back my knitting blog!

Stand back, world!

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