May 19


Posted by Matty

Maybe you read the earlier entry. The woot BOC (bag of crap) arrived this weekend. Wanna see?

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Aug 15

Mid-Year PEZ Spectacular

Posted by Matty

It’s time to check in on the recent PEZ aquisitions.

Not interested? … What if I said, “Elvis”?

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Apr 12

Cats and PEZ

Posted by Matty

When we got back from camping this weekend, PEZ rained down upon me like manna from the heavens. The only key difference are that the PEZ came via the post office and Froggies, and not so much from a giant bearded man in the clouds.

Oh, and there are also pictures of the cats, to tempt you into clicking on the “read more” link below.

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Sep 2

PEZ and liquor

Posted by Matty

Two great tastes that taste great together… or not.

For all you know, this could just be a clever way to show you the new PEZ that I’ve gotten lately.

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May 10

Define " square " exactly

Posted by Nanc

My apologies to any and all that might read our site. No tragedy struck our lives (besides the fish, but more on that later), I am simply working way too much. (“Too much” is determined by the work/fun ratio, and these scales have definitely been tipped lately.) Let’s just forget this bit of disappointment and go on, m’kay?

Two great things about knitting squares: first, they’re a fairly quick knit, and second, even if they’re not precisely L7 (um, like square) seaming a bunch into a large blanket will fix that problem fast.

Or so I hope.

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