February 02, 2003

CW. The legacy begins.

While cuddling in this quilt, a curiously warm feeling was noted. (Which is a good thing.) This thermal coziness became a desired quality and more quilts were requested. See the John Deere quilt - aka CW - that started the revolution!

As stated previously, the first quilt that started the phenomena is CW (Curiously Warm), the John Deere quilt. It was my first attempt at a quilt or anything this large. The pattern is from a Quilt-in-a-Day booklette of rail quilts for kids. (Yeah, I have no shame.) I struggled while working on it; some terminology was new to me and the whole experience was a bit scary. But the quilt turned out wonderful.

-pix of CW-

One thing that makes me very happy about this quilt, besides my success and it's warmth, is that I used mostly leftover fabrics, remnants and scraps bought long ago. (This fete will never again be accomplished because now I love fabric shopping!) The only items purchased were the book, the batting, a curved needle and embroidery floss (to tie the corners). Amazing, no?

-pix of Matty in PJs & quilt-
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