May 17, 2005

I don't know what to say

No words can really explain the image you're about to see. I don't know why, but it makes me laugh. And that's even without going THERE.

In honor of the 3rd/6th S.W. movie coming out this week, I bring you the Han Solo pickle. Frozen in time, what ghastly horrors will we find as we defrost this hero of the sandwich world?

the Titanic pickle

Okay, really what happened was that I had one lone, sad, ginormous pickle left (from an equally ginormous, warehouse-shopping-club sort of jar). I couldn't leave this solo (see?) pickle to it's own devices, yet sadly I couldn't let nature take it's course either. (By that, I mean eat it all in a hungry, pickle frenzy.) So I placed this pickle safe in some un-Tupperware, cozy in it's own juices, in the back of the fridge for a day soon to come.

Not a few days later when I reach for it (to top tasty Cheeseburger Casserole - remind me to post the recipe), I find a tragedy had occurred in the depths of mine Frigidaire. The pickle had been partially frozen in carboni... okay, in ice. Pickle-juice ice!

What fate was the pickle given in these last, icy moments? Why a bit of humiliation before finding out that frozen pickle tastes like butt. (No. I've never "tasted" butt. It's an expression. Move on.)

From the picture above, you can see that the pickle has received it's last rights, or at least a thumbs up, from Buddy Christ. For a little more of a bizarre, slightly more phallic picture, click here.

That's all I got to say about that.

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May 10, 2005

Define " square " exactly

My apologies to any and all that might read our site. No tragedy struck our lives (besides the fish, but more on that later), I am simply working way too much. ("Too much" is determined by the work/fun ratio, and these scales have definitely been tipped lately.) Let's just forget this bit of disappointment and go on, m'kay?

Two great things about knitting squares: first, they're a fairly quick knit, and second, even if they're not precisely L7 (um, like square) seaming a bunch into a large blanket will fix that problem fast.

Or so I hope.

There's been some super secret knitting going on at some select blogs and by some special friends. All for one friend - or more specifically her belly. The Pirate is expecting a Squid (y'all should remember this from the squid-cakes post).

As knitters AND friends, us gals wanted to do something special. So for the past few months, we each have been knitting five squares to be combined into a wonderful and warming (both heart and heat) blanket. The following are my, er... "squares:"

top: chevron, r: hearts, bottom: froggy, l: lattice
it's a squid!

My fifth square was a little late to be gifted at the shower, but it was done in plenty of time for the seaming party. That sweet expectant Pirate saved the center square for my squid square! Woot!

from graph to gift in a number of steps

Bonez helped me out with designing the graphic, applying a grid overlay, and moral support. It was a great use of Photoshop, and if I can get it down to a basic procedure I'll write it up for any of you geek knitters out there.

click to see it in all its seamed glory

The in-progress blanket has gone on to the next step: a crocheted border will be added by A. I don't know nuthin' 'bout makin' no crochet, so I'm no good at providing any real details about this step. After that, it's on to get a backing sewn on (to hide all those ends and carried yarn). And then it will be complete - and ready for the squid! I think we're all ready for the squid.

Here are the details of my squares:
We all used the same yarn, Sidar Rio. The master color is a great creamsicle orange, with the others colors as accents. We all agreed to knit three, solid orange squares (patterned, of course) and two colored squares. There were some really great squares done by everyone - it was awesome.

If I can remember/find the patterns I used, I'll note it here. But this might require time. So don't nobody hold their breath.

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MariePussPuss Says...

sshhh. be vewy, vewy quiet

To get your sleep. You need it, ya' know. Beauty rest (ha!) and all. You're not so young anymore. So find a cozy place to rest, and grab some Z's.

And if that catnap spot happens to be a kewl bed knit by the Skitterness herself, well then bonus. (Thank you, your most Skitterificous one. Mrow.)

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