November 27, 2008

Live from TurkeyDay

It is Thanksgiving, and I am thankful. Specifically, I am thankful for Matt and all he does.

No, I'm not going to go into a mushy diatribe of how awesome he is. (And really, he is.) But I'll give you one good example that he did today.

During the rush of cleaning and cooking for our Thanksgiving feast (we're hosting an "orphans" feast), somehow lunch was skipped. Sure, we had breakfast and snacks, so we weren't starving, but with all the food prep and picking up there wasn't time for a lunch. Matt got showered and ready for company before me, and offered to pick up something quick, like McD's.

Sure, that was nice, but not THE nice thing Matt did. McD's was closed, so instead he went to my favorite sushi place (Sushi of Plano - can't recommend highly enough!) and picked me up a salmon bento box!

Please note, he does not like sushi and didn't get anything for himself. He also called to ask if I wanted to add any additional sushi rolls or seaweed salad. (Yes, thank you.)

Ain't that about the sweetest thing you've ever heard? So I quickly nommed up some tasty sushi, seaweed salad, teriyaki salmon, miso soup, and tempora veggies all while our Thanksgiving feast is cooking.

Sure, this might have been a preservation move on his part so that hungry-grumpy Nanc doesn't show her ugly face. But nevermind that, he's awesome and I love him.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. I wish you all many things, big and small, to be thankful for (and the insight to recognize them).

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November 13, 2008

(Semi) Live Blogging the Family - Cincinnati

Right now we are trekking across the frigid cold of the Midwest in order to visit our families. Nanc will be too pregnant to make the journey during the traditional holidays, so we're out now.

We just left Ohio yesterday. Read on for a brief synopsis and some pics.

We were in Cincinnati for the past several days spending time with Nancy's folks and brothers, Mike and Craig. On Sunday, Nancy's mom surprised us with a baby shower. Well, it would've been a surprise of Mike and Craig hadn't each accidentally spilled the beans about the shower. Regardless of any previous knowledge, the shower was a lot of fun, and we got to visit with family and friends.

While down there, we also made sure to stop in for some local eats: Skyline Chili and Graeter's ice cream. Even though Tums and Maalox antacids are not local to Cinci, we ate some of those too. :-P

On our way out of Ohio, we spent a night catching up with some old friends in Columbus. We had a fantastic evening conversing and laughing with Renee and Deidre, Joel and Scott, and Jeff and Sue. (Fun fact: Columbus is where Nancy and I met and started dating.)

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November 05, 2008

Remembering Grandma

We just got back from Arizona, where we spent time with family. Grandma Collins passed away last week.

Since moving out west, Nanc and I have been able to spend more time visiting with Grandma. She was out to visit just a few months ago, and we had a great time doing crossword puzzles, swimming, and talking.

Grandma lived a very full and interesting life. At her 90th birthday party a few years ago, she shared a bit of her story with family and friends.

She did so much good for others, and we will miss her.

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