April 28, 2009

Evie pictures from the past month.


wow. This has been a crazy month (plus). I didn't mean to drop my Pic-a-Day fun, but I plead motherhood... to an infant.

Anyhoo, no excuses. Thanks to Matt, here's some pix from the past few weeks.

Since mid-March, we've had an influx of family come and visit with Evie: the We Like Dogs posse, Matt's brother Myke, my parents, and my brother Mike (and Kyle). Good times were had by all, but it was a busy, busy time.

Early April, I went back to work and Evie started daycare. We like the facility and the people, plus the location can't be beat (walking distance from my work). Evie seems to like daycare, too, as she smiles when I drop her off and is happy when I pick her up. (Or maybe she's just that happy all of the time.)

So I hope these pix can tide you over. I plan to post in more detail soon (but no promises). Easter, bluebonnets... these stories will all have to wait.

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April 23, 2009

Some videos of Evie

Hi there! We haven't forgotten about you, but life has been sort of hectic lately.

Anyhow, without further ado, head inside for two videos of Evie.

The first is from this morning, and the second is from when Nancy's folks were down for a nice visit. Both of these videos show off Evie's chattiness.

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