Mar 8


Posted by Nanc

The American Heritage&reg Dictionary defines opportunity as “A favorable or advantageous circumstance or combination of circumstances.” It’s a rare opportunity for me to get pix of our other two cats.

Dil is our (plus-size) supermodel; always showing off for company, and making herself and her needs known to all. So it’s seldom that we can get a good photo of Marie PussPuss (no, don’t ask about the name – it goes on and on from there) and Mrs. Slocombe.

Marie PussPuss *loves* the aquarium and fish, especially right after a cleaning when they’re all active and swimming about. She’s really the only cat that ever pays any attention to the fish. I wonder why the other two have no interest.

She never causes any trouble for the fish, but occasionally we catch her swiping at the tank in the attempt to catch those allusive toys. (The enigma of the glass will forever be a mystery to her, I’m afraid.)

As for Mrs. Slocombe… Do you see that slightly pissed-off look in her eyes, even while napping in a luscious sunbeam? Yeah, she’s always like this. I can be giving Slocombe the most loving adoration and pettings and she’ll still look ready to kill. She’s very expressive, but there’s always that lurking anger in her glance. She’s got ‘tude, that one.

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