Feb 3

I am a wuss

Posted by Nanc

There are all sorts of injuries you can obtain while knitting. Typically, these fall into two main categories: boring but serious, or comical yet painful.

In the ‘boring but serious’ group you have the common ailment of knitting for too long until you have worn out/pulled a muscle in your hand/arm/shoulder/back. This requires time away from knitting to rest and repair the damage. Also, carpal tunnel is a biggie here. Not fun. Hurts like heck. But boring none-the-less.

Occasionally a fiasco happens while knitting which, after the injury and ego have healed sufficiently, is quite funny. Sitting on the pointing end of a needle or a yarn stash avalanche are two examples of this type of injury.

But those kinds of knitting mishaps are acceptable in this crafty world. Silly sometimes, but still allowable. Me? What makes me a sad little injured wuss? I have a bruise on the tip of my index finger from pushing yarn and stitches around my needles. Oh, how sad.

Of course, it’s not noticeable so I can’t garnish sympathy from friends or hubby. They see no boo-boo. It’s like I’m cryin’ over spilled Noro. And do you know how many things you do with the tip of your index finger? LOTS. Nearly everything. And it hurts every single time. Even typing this friggin’ article hurts! (Hmmm, I wonder if I could avoid using the F, V, B, G, T, and R keys?)

So I am pansy. A wuss. I feel like I should be taunted in the halls. Young children should chase me and throw point protectors at me. I will run away and hide in the woods where I will have to learn latch hook to stay alive. Woe is me.

6 Responses to “I am a wuss”

  1. chris Says:

    Would that be an injury from knitting the brim of the bucket hat? ‘Cause my bucket hat injured me, too, and almost ended with a broken bamboo needle. Hmmm.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Ouch! I’m beginning to get the hole on the pointer finger of my right hand from pointy denise needles…

  3. jane Says:

    I’ve poked an actual hole in the tip of my left index finger while using small needles. It hurt like crazy and I couldn’t knit until it healed up – an absolute bummer..

  4. Pamelalala Says:

    If it helps I have some SpongeBob band-aids you can use…

  5. Aubyn Says:

    That has happened to me a lot in the past and part of it is because you have been doing hats and that means lots of use of the same needles-i try to have projects on different size needles going all the time so that i can switch up

  6. Angi Says:

    I thought I showed plenty of sympathy for your injuries at lunch yesterday. 🙂 You could get one of those leather finger protectors that quilters and embroiderers (sp?) use.