Feb 10


Posted by Nanc

aren’t dey cute

There are multiple meanings for “Ugg” and I’m referring to most of them. Don’t get me wrong, the overall results are these v. adorable hat and booties for my nephew Benny. But getting them done, that was… well, ugg.

The pattern for the Ugg hat and booties is from Knitty Gritty, a self-proclaimed ‘hip’ knitting show on the DIY network. Now I don’t get the DIY network and I’ve never seen this show. But my sources tell me that it’s for crap. They don’t relate to the hostess or her “knitsta’s” on the couch. (Good idea, bad results. Maybe next time.)

My opinion of the program is based on this one set of patterns. And it’s crap.

No, I don’t need someone to virtually or otherwise hold my hand while I’m knitting to make certain that I do it right. But if it’s your pattern and you know what works and what doesn’t, shouldn’t you share that information with the rest of us? The brunt of the patterns were fine. They could use some improvement in the instructions, like a stitch count during decreases. But the worst of it was the finishing directions.

The booties weren’t too difficult. No, they weren’t easy or direct; more of a vague “do this” statement. I could figure it out without too much fuss. But the hat pattern? WTF (Why-TF, in this case) is the pattern split into two? Wouldn’t it make more sense for anyone printing the pattern that it would be one, continuous document? And the finishing text for the hat: impossibly unclear. In fact, the whole composition of the hat is lame.

But I trucked through it because I love my nephew and he’d look adorable in the set. (Yes, R, that’s a plea for pix once you get them. Of all the hats & heads, not just Benny-bean’s.) So my advice to anyone considering this set? Go with the booties, but buy a hat. Or heck, most babies don’t like wearing hats, right? Really, the booties contain the max cuteness factor anyways.

6 Responses to “Ugg”

  1. Lara Says:

    What choo talkin bout Willis? I was with you tonight and remember quite clearly you neede me to hold your hand. Don’t tell Aubyn, she might beat you up.
    Actualy, I needed you more as a translator of bad miming – my brain isn’t working much these days.
    Sorry bout the ickiness of the pattern, but glad you figured it out! Oh, I’ve seen that specific show with that pattern and the lady presenting it doesn’t do a much better job “explaining” the finishing. That and the hostess really SHOULD have assumed the majority of people might want to know even a hint of how this should be done – then she should have, yanno, asked about it. If she weren’t also in the Austin Craft Mafia – a group of women I admire – I’d say phooey with the whole bit.

  2. rachel Says:

    Technical writer and knitter…do I hear your higher calling?

    I definitely hear your pleas, and I think I may be able to take a picture of Benny. Maybe the rest of us too. Sometimes, the camera needs a break from all that cuteness.

  3. Petra Says:

    OHMYGOSH NanC! They may have been a bitch to make, but that is about the cutest thing I have ever seen! I really can’t wait to see a pic of him in it. Adorable!

  4. Pamelalala Says:

    Let’s awfully cute to me!!! Considering your issues I’d say you came, you saw, you kicked some bootie!!!

  5. Aubyn Says:

    you did a great job in spite of the pattern and i want to see a picture of benny in them

  6. Tammy Says:

    Cute hats. You know, your MI nephew and niece might like one of those Aunt Nancy special hats. Andrew would be particularly impressed with a Maize one with a big block blue M on it, hint, hint=:0)