Jul 19

Lookie what I got!

Posted by Nanc

I’m a little late in reporting this to the internets in general, but I got a happy joyful package in the mail last week from my secret pal. (In case you missed it, I’m taking part in Secret Pal 5. There’s even a button:)


Up to this point, I’ve enjoyed friendly e-mails and engaging comments from my oh-so mysterious pal. But gifts? Sure, I knew this was part of the whole ‘Secret Pal’ regimen, and I’ve sent bits-o-joy to my pal. But when I saw the mail envelope waiting for me after work I couldn’t help but act giddy like a giddy-acting youth of the female persuasion that attends lessons. I was overjoyed (just ask Matt).

As I peeled the packaging away I found trinkets and paper and a wonderful scent!

What? That wasn’t enough information for you? You need to know more? Damn, you’re nosy!

Okay, here’s really what my pal sent me:
a set of knitting note cards, goat-silk soap *, and a set of six stitch markers! The stitch markers, or knitting jewelry as some like to refer to it, were made by the pal, herself. Kewl!

the manikin ‘Vanna-ing’ it up

And yes, that is Buffy on the TV. In fact, is the last DVD of the last season of Buffy. [weep]

* Get this. So this soap? It’s made from goat’s milk, good stuff (oils and he such, all natural), and silk. Silk! Goat’s milk AND silk! Can you stand it? Wicked kewl. And the scent? Heavenly. And pretty, ta’ boot. It’s called ‘Tiny Bubbles with Silk’ (silk!) and it’s from The Spirit Goat in Utah. (Ah… a hint to my pal’s identity.) But the silk? Come on – does YOUR soap have silk in it???

(Note: Huge assumption that my pal is indeed a chick. I’m not certain if this has been determined – on my part, not hers/his – or if I’m simply making myself look like an ass and making her/him feel horrible. Please know, O sweet pal, I do not mean you any distress or undesired ambiguity. If I am mistaken, you may rightfully spite me with horrid pressies or none at all.)

3 Responses to “Lookie what I got!”

  1. Secret Pal Says:

    Haha… Little did you know… I’m a hermaphrodite! Just kidding… I’m of the female persuasion. But I am glad you liked the goods. And I love your manikin. It makes me happy.

  2. Pamelalala Says:

    Wow!! Lovely gifts!!! You have every right to your giddyness!


  3. astreia Says:

    What fun!! The soap sounds wonderful! I’m starting to LOVE knitting jewelry as you call it. Stitch markers are sooo awesome. Where did you get that manikin. That’s the kewlest!! I’ve been pestered my poor husband with the very slow progress on my sock. At least he acts excited for me. ha!