Apr 6

Random Images

Posted by Matty

We’ve taken some random pictures over the past week.

Last weekend, Stina stopped by and helped me break in my Lava Lite shot glasses with a few shots of Uzo. When the shot glasses have liquid in them, they light up. Once you do the shot, the light turns off. How cool is that?

I also found a great Gameboy case while thrifting. The case looks like a Gameboy, but huge. Inside, you can fit your Gameboy, 10 games, and all of your favorite accessories. I passed the thrift score on to Jesse, a friend who still has a Gameboy to store in it.

On Monday, we returned our defective Guitar Hero game disc. When the disc was first released, there was an error in the way that the sound is reproduced— sort of important for a music game. Since I’ve been playing way too much of the game lately, it’s absence has been noted. Activision promises to have a new disc sent back in a couple of weeks.

On Tuesday, Nanc and I checked out a restaurant called “Burger Island.” Apparently it’s a local chain. The burgers were fantastically tasty, but huge. The fries and onion rings were made fresh. We will be back. As a bonus, there was a mural on the wall. I love restaurants with murals — take-out art.

4 Responses to “Random Images”

  1. Jen da purse Ho Says:

    I must go to this..burger island. 🙂 that burger looks soooo goooood 🙂

    that gameboy case rocks 😀

  2. nanc Says:

    Ha ha – I don’t think that I saw the pic of Walter and the Game Boy case… it’s as big as Walter! Hee hee.

    Man, that burger was tay-stee!

  3. botgurl Says:

    Oh yeah those are the kind of burger joints I like the ones with fantastic homeade skin-on fries!

  4. eatpaste Says:

    omg! walter and the gameboy case. soooo cute. also, i need to get some uzo.