Aug 8

Other things

Posted by Nanc

Thank you, all, for your wonderful words of encouragement and congratulations. We’ll keep y’all in the loop as this all develops. (I was going to say ‘unravels’, but that seems kind of icky.)

So, bebeh making is not the only thing going on here.

There’s some baby things that I’m knitting; and not for me (yet)!

Baby Bolero (Ravel it!)

This pattern is from the One Skein book, and it’s really a joy to work. This lil’ sweater only takes 150 yds of worsted weight cotton, although I might make a wool version for my wee one. I used Lion Brand CottonEase in Sugarplum and Berroco Lullaby in Willy Winky for the edging. There’s a sweet bit of lace detail at the back that just makes me coo.

The bolero worked up super quick (‘cept all those ends to weave in), and I was so happy with it that I’m making another for another baby girl due in just under a week! (eek) This bolero, however, went to a coworker who is expecting a little lass in a few weeks (but is more than ready to see her now).

And let me tell you, I feel for these summer 3rd trimester women. TX heat is pretty miserable to begin with, but to be a fully laden lady at the same time? Yeesh. Another reason to be thankful for a winter due date. (The first reason is all the cute woolie knits for my babe.)

4 Responses to “Other things”

  1. chris Says:

    Heh, you said “willy”.

    That’s a really cute sweater!! Now I want to make one for someone *I* know who is having a bebeh . . .

  2. Jen da purse Ho Says:

    oooh so cute! I have your grey yarn all ready for you! 🙂

  3. mk Says:

    Don’t hate me because I am an inadequate mother…

    I was always the one who knitted cute little baby stuff for everyone’s babies. I was so happy when I was finally pregnant, that I purchased some baby yarn and cast on a cute little sweater and pants set…It is still in the knitting bag I used for it…all knit up, except for the finish work….My baby is turning 18 years old in two months.

    Yep…inadequate mother…that’s me.

    So, use me as the cautionary tale. Get busy knitting for that little one of yours. If you need help with finish work, I will do it in penance for my inadequacies.

  4. Teri S. Says:

    Congratulations! That’s pretty exciting news about the bebeh. I’m very happy for you!