Apr 28


wow. This has been a crazy month (plus). I didn’t mean to drop my Pic-a-Day fun, but I plead motherhood… to an infant.

Anyhoo, no excuses. Thanks to Matt, here’s some pix from the past few weeks.

Since mid-March, we’ve had an influx of family come and visit with Evie: the We Like Dogs posse, Matt’s brother Myke, my parents, and my brother Mike (and Kyle). Good times were had by all, but it was a busy, busy time.

Early April, I went back to work and Evie started daycare. We like the facility and the people, plus the location can’t be beat (walking distance from my work). Evie seems to like daycare, too, as she smiles when I drop her off and is happy when I pick her up. (Or maybe she’s just that happy all of the time.)

So I hope these pix can tide you over. I plan to post in more detail soon (but no promises). Easter, bluebonnets… these stories will all have to wait.

6 Responses to “Evie pictures from the past month.”

  1. P-la Says:

    She just gets more and more precious all the time!!!

  2. rachel Says:

    How has she gotten so big? Look at that neck control and alertness and bumbo sitting and cuteness!!!
    When can I come visit again?

  3. Cathie Says:

    There’s a great thinker and botanist in the making by the looks of the intense study of bluebonnetus texanicus. These pics are so great–the bewilderment on her precious face with all her “stuff” for daycare is too funny. And has mommy ever taken a better pic than the one in this group? Seems Miss Evie brings the best out in everybody–duh!

  4. Jen da purse Ho Says:

    omg so cute! i have pics from sat i need to send to you from when we were at the bookstore. 🙂

  5. Petra Says:

    She looks awesome in that dark purple!!! Such a cutie.

  6. Mom Says:

    Bring back memories. I long to hold her again. Such a sweet baby.