July 28, 2003


Here are the usual links to the pez pages that I surf.

in no particular order...

Pez Central
This is where I go, when I want to know what's new in the world of PEZ. This site has an attractive design to boot.

Pez.com is the official PEZ site. You can buy PEZ straight from the source.

Canada Candy Connection
With a web site name longer than toysaregoodfood.com, this site specializes in the European PEZ dispensers.

The Glews sell a selection of (mostly) European PEZ and have also been great supporters of the hobby.

Posted by Matty at 09:51 PM

July 21, 2003

Everything in it's place.

And a place for everything.

During some recent garage sale madness (both sold and bought), we came across a great sewing table. Take a look...

While the idea of making money via garage sale is great, it seems the law of Garage Sale Karma is that those same earnings spend even quicker in the same venue. Hello, sewing table.

This is a well-made, sturdy wood table with a bunch of inner hinges and springs that magically store a sewing machine. What you're seeing here is amazing considering that less than 24 hours ago, it was all in flat pieces. It was unable to fit in our car, so Matty methodically (and sometimes agressively) took it apart.

There are all kinds of nooks and crannies to store thread, notions and the like. The table top opens and the sewing machine can sit even with the surface. There are fasteners to attach my Singer; then when company comes over or what have you, I can "fold" the machine into the table. Viola! Now it's just a table.

I also received this sewing chair. And while it may look ordinary and uncomfortable, it's actually pretty comfy, the right height, and has a secret compartment under the cushion. I'm not quite certain what I'd want to store under my bottom, but now I have that option.

Posted by Nanc at 03:57 PM

July 17, 2003

Scarf #1

I've started knitting and have actually produced something not too horrid. Bucky will be more than happy to wear it in the Gryffindor common room. Admit it, you're intrigued now. At least take a look.

Thanks to some friends and a major stash of yarn, I've learned to knit. Much like my quilting, I found it easier to pick up a children's book to learn. There are lots of pictures and good instructions, plus you take it in levels as not to let your head explode.

I won't be posting pictures of the first few items I tried to make. No, those are only for a good laugh and to keep me humble. But I've finally made something I can be proud of... a scarf.

Sure, it's not rocket science or even a sweater. But doesn't Bucky look warm and toasty? He's just grinnin' -as happy as can be. Perhaps he's heading off to a magical school to learn Quidditch?

Posted by Nanc at 04:07 PM

July 02, 2003

Beach Kimono

Simple sewn sun... um, coverup. Take a look.

While getting ready for our annual lake trip, I decided to upgrade from the 't-shirt and shorts' unit I usually wore over my swimsuit to something a bit classier: a kimono. This was a quick, patternless (read: painless) project that (IMHO) sewed up pretty nicely.

Posted by Nanc at 10:46 AM