June 02, 2003

Jen's a Star!

To make the familia group whole, I needed to make Jen a quilt. New techniques and different objectives make this quilt something of a rockstar. Happy Graduation, Jen!

First there was CW, the wooly mammoth of quilts. Then BCW, a bit more stylish with all the warmth of CW. Now there's Jen's star quilt. Welcome to the family.

Style is what this quilt was about. (Oh, and warmth, of course.) I wanted, no - needed to make a kewl quilt for rock'n'roll Jen. Taking my inspiration from the source*, I hand-pieced together this quilt with a star motif.


* Jen has stars tattooed on her earlobes. -- She Rocks!

Posted by Nanc at 03:34 PM