November 12, 2003


My great friend Krista and her husband found out that not only are they expecting, but that they'll be getting twin boys! How exciting for them.

Although I couldn't make it to the baby showers (which turned out okay, since she was uber-sick), I knitted up my first, and second, pair of baby tube socks.

Somehow, tube socks for lil' baby boys seems right. Matching, yet different. All boy. I'll be making more than socks for these kids, but I thought it a good idea if I started small (both size and skill level).

And I'll be getting practice for...

Nope. You're all wrong. For my cousin's baby in July! (Singular and unknown sex.)

So many babies, so little time. I gotta get stiching/sewing.

Posted by Nanc at 01:48 PM