April 22, 2007

n days and counting!

Thereís a countdown going on here. As of this Sunday (4/22), there are only 12 more days before the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival (MSWF). And only 9 days before C. and I fly out to Baltimore.

Oh, sure. Some of you might not be as excited as I am. Or perhaps you simply donít get it. What could a rural event far from home with 4H judging and farm machinery for sale offer a city slicker like me?

Where do I start?

Its a vacation - a break from the norm, that I enjoy with my fellow knitters. And knitters (and knitbloggers and spinners) have a large presence at this festival. Oh, yeah Ė and it is a FESTIVAL! Hello? Festivals = fun, fair foods (like kettle corn and meats-on-sticks), and happiness.

Remember last year? There was the amazing (and overwhelming) knitbloggers meet-up on the hill. Are we up for this again? What about the knitbloggers ball, a post-fair, drink-n-meet shindig at a local pub? We missed it last year, but weíre making time for it now.

Oh, and the vendors. The glorious vendors.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts and their Socks That Rock (STR) was the hot item of 2006. Heck, they were sold out of STR by 10am Saturday morning, and those that did get some were likened to cows.

STR is still on my list, but its not so urgent since I still have last years loot to knit up. (moo) Another repeat vendor will be Brooks Farm. Just ask anyone, this stuff is gold!

In this next week or so, Iíll be reviewing the list of vendors and making up a game plan for our trip. I donít want to be spending money all willy-nilly and find out afterwards that I missed any important (to me) booths.

And then thereís the Sheep-to-Shawl competition. Last year I was still a little ďgreenĒ and didnít really get it, but this year Iím all about it. Can we root for a team?

So, anyhoo... I am excited about this upcoming trip and still have a lot of planning to do. ('What projects to take' and 'which handknit socks to wear' being two huge considerations.)

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April 20, 2007


{{rubbing eyes with fists}}

Whatís going on?

It seems that TAGF (thatís our site initials, btw) has been asleep for a while. Thereís that same old excuse of being busy, and while a bit trite, it is true. Still, there have been breaks and rests, but none of these times offered any good blog-worthy fodder.

During this unscheduled time off, weíve had snow (Saturday before Easter) and tornados, family visits and canceled camp trips. A new job has been started (mine, and its going alright) and a fiber festival was missed. (I canít say Iíve been missing it, Bob. Anyone know that line?) Knitting has continued. Home projects have been tackled and new ones have been planned.

It has been busy, alright. Even my blog reading time has been cut short, which gives me a feeling of being out of the loop. What loop? I donít know. But I have missed blogging. Not that I expect anyone outside of our immediate friends (knitgrrls) and family are reading or missing this.

But still, thereís this feeling of what if someone does come to read our site and thereís nothing there but outdated posts and old jokes. (Not that youíll find topical humor here. Donít even bother looking.)

Oh, well. I canít say that Iím even all that bothered about those thoughts. {{yawn}} Maybe just another quick napÖ

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