May 21, 2007

Two days of MSWF, and loving it!

Did I leave you to believe my next post would be anytime soon? Ha!

Between Ravelry and Flickr, taking pictures of my stash (to upload to Ravelry via Flickr), somewhat surprise guests, and not a lot of wanna-be-on-the-computer time, this doesnít make for very frequent posts. In fact, if it werenít for my boredom at werk, I doubt that Iíd be posting at all.

You can read some great stories about our days at the MSWF here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

I donít really think that I could add to these lovely knittersí descriptions. It was two great, fun-filled days. The weather was nice. (Warm on Saturday and cooler on Sunday, same as last year.) Yarn and more was bought. Fun was had. You get it, right?

We didnít spend much time with the animals, instead focusing our energies on the end products and tasty treats. (Occasionally, one and the same.) The Squid was a joy both days, sometimes having more patience than the knitters.

Sunday, we arrived for the last hour of the Sheep-to-Shawl action and were able to enjoy lunch before the results. Last year, there were more teams competing and all the shawls were very close in style and color. Not so this year! There were only four teams, and each shawl was different than the next. But they were all beautiful.

I'll post pix of my haul... well, when I get a chance.

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May 13, 2007


Chris (aka Skittermagoo) and I flew up to MD a little early. I have family to visit and she had friends.

The following is our account of those days.

We flew out Wednesday (5/2) afternoon. We had no problems flying standby, thanks to our pal, Good Girl Purl, who was virtually with us all the way. (She could log in and see if we made our flights, etc. It was kind of awesome.)

A little knitting was done during the flights. We both started some socks for the trip; Chris started hers from the cuff down (Blue Moon Socks That Rock in the Seal Rock colorway), and I started some toe-up socks (Colinette Jitterbug in Jewel).

Once we landed in Baltimore and found my brother's house, we set off for some grub. (Flying is hungry work.) A quick walk into the center of town led us to a place to get some lump crab cakes and cold Yuengling beer!

This walk also gave us the opportunity to admire a second Spring - as flowers and trees are just blooming in MD. Of course, one disadvantage of this is that both Chris and I had a bit of an allergy attack. But they were beautiful allergies.

On Thursday, we headed into the city to meet up with Kathy. We picked her up and headed into Fells Point, a harbor town with eclectic mix of old and new. We ate lunch at a great Indian buffet, then headed over to the Baltimore Tattoo Museum.

No, it really wasn't to visit masterpieces of tattoo art. I was there for another tat, much to Kathy's horror. Chris, the tattoo artist (not the knitter), worked with me to modify the tattoo I got a few years back. (He worked on Matty's tattoo, so I knew he was good.)

The image is a mirror of my birds tattoo, but one bird is replaced with a ball of yarn and the vining flower has been changed to yarn. This is on my right shoulder (the original is on my left shoulder), and its a pretty good match. It did have to be placed a little higher, as not to cover up my first tattoo, a faded dragonfly.

After my ink, I met back up with Chris and Kathy at a cute lil' coffee shop before heading home. (Oh yeah! Besides room and board, my brother also lent us his Jeep for tooling around town. Is this repayment for all the years of torture?)

Later that night, we met up with Chris' (and mine now, right?) friend, Kim, for dinner. We went to the same great Italian restaurant that we (Chris, Petra, Kim, and I) went to last year! But this time, no one was gleeked on!

Friday was another beautiful, sunny day and Lindsay wouldn't let us just 'sit and knit', so we joined her and headed down to the Baltimore FlowerMart. (Which is a festival in it's own right.)

I'm not certain that I got the gist of FlowerMart, but it was fun. Sure, there were flowers to buy, wear, and do just about anything else with. But it was the people-watching that I found great.

We didn't stay at the FlowerMart for long, and headed home to prepare the meal and house for our incoming guests. More on their invasion in the next post!

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And I'm back!

Okay, so I was back from Maryland earlier this week. But give me a break. I've been busy, I've been sick, and I'm celebrating a birthday. Things are getting crazy around here.

And, oh! The things I have to show you...

First, let me give a hearty, knitter's shout out to my brother and his family. These loving "muggles" opened their house up not only to me, but to my knitgrrls, too! I don't think they knew what they were getting into, and I don't think that we'll be invited back next year.

So thank you to Kevin, Lindsay, Julia, and Liam for hosting myself and four of my knitgrrls (Skitter, PurseHo, Botgurl, and Pirate) plus a Squid. It was a crazy, fun time!

What about the trip? As not to overwhelm you, I will try to parse bits of the trip to the internets during this week. But I will admit that I came back with some things you could never guess!

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May 02, 2007

Leaving: jet plane

No need for me to paste the lyrics here, right? Y'all know this song well enough without my prodding.

Its time. Chris and I are heading to the airport in less than an hour, and we're flying to glorious, world renowned Baltimore; City of ... ? Well, I'm sure its a city of something fabulous (besides crabs).

This weekend is the infamous (in this house, at least) MSWF. We're meeting up with a few of our own Texas knitta's as well as a large pile of northern knitters. Wanna join us? Here's the deets. (Thanks to Gryphon for organizing.) 1pm Saturday at the Pavillion!

I believe I'm all packed and ready. Anyone know what I will forget? I even have a new pair of socks to show off while I'm there! (Regia Silk socks... purrrr)

I hope to write and update the blog while in Baltimore; I've packed the internets just for that reason. (Ha) Oooh... I'm so excited!

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