August 13, 2008

tap... tap.. tap... Is this thing on?

Four distinct kicks this morning (felt like soft thumps). I guess it gets crowded in there with a full bladder.

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August 12, 2008

If it weren't for the card...

We wouldn't have even realized that it was our anniversary!

Yep, that's right. We forgot our eighth wedding anniversary. Both of us. Completely.

Yesterday, after we got home from work (we carpool), Matt went to get the mail. Just as he handed me a card from my folks, he paused and asked the date. Before I could even answer, we both looked shocked at each other and laughed - it was our anniversary!

After we were done laughing (because in all honesty - with both of us oblivious to this holiday, there's nothing to do but laugh), we wished each other a happy marriage and discussed our dinner plans. Should we go out and celebrate, maybe a nice steak dinner or our favorite lil' Italian place?

Well, no. We were more than happy to stick with the dinner plans we made during our drive home: mac 'n cheese (blue box variety) and mini corndogs. Ha ha ha. Sometimes we are simple folk.

However, now that we are well aware of this special occasion, we're making plans for a fancy dinner this weekend. Maybe even outside of the house.

So, thank you, Mom, for sending us a card and, more importantly, the reminder.

Oh, and if you think you'll get off just as lightly with your spouse or SO, think again. You cannot be prepared for the consequences you will face for such a stupid mistake. Nah, you're better off remembering your anniversary date and getting a lil' something special for the one you love. For us, the joke was enough.

I love you, Bonez!

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August 08, 2008

Other things

Thank you, all, for your wonderful words of encouragement and congratulations. We'll keep y'all in the loop as this all develops. (I was going to say 'unravels', but that seems kind of icky.)

So, bebeh making is not the only thing going on here.

There's some baby things that I'm knitting; and not for me (yet)!

Baby Bolero (Ravel it!)

This pattern is from the One Skein book, and it's really a joy to work. This lil' sweater only takes 150 yds of worsted weight cotton, although I might make a wool version for my wee one. I used Lion Brand CottonEase in Sugarplum and Berroco Lullaby in Willy Winky for the edging. There's a sweet bit of lace detail at the back that just makes me coo.

The bolero worked up super quick ('cept all those ends to weave in), and I was so happy with it that I'm making another for another baby girl due in just under a week! (eek) This bolero, however, went to a coworker who is expecting a little lass in a few weeks (but is more than ready to see her now).

And let me tell you, I feel for these summer 3rd trimester women. TX heat is pretty miserable to begin with, but to be a fully laden lady at the same time? Yeesh. Another reason to be thankful for a winter due date. (The first reason is all the cute woolie knits for my babe.)

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August 04, 2008

Great expectations

So, there's a pretty good reason that we haven't been updating the blog lately. (Besides the fact that it's summer and there's all kinds of fun things to do outside.) The big news is that ---

Nancy is pregnant. You know, with child. She's expecting, in a family way. Preggers, knocked up, gestating, prenatal, in a delicate condition... Do you understand?

What I meant to imply is that Nanc has a bun in the oven. We went forth and multiplied. The rabbit died. Okay. I'll stop now.

That news has been been privately consuming our lives for the past several months. As of today, Nancy is 17 weeks along and the baby is 7 oz (based on ultrasound measurements).

If you hadn't guessed, we're very excited about this development, and we hope that you'll share in the joy.

Want to see some pictures? Here's three and a half minutes of the ultrasound from last Friday, narrated by the mother-to-be.

Still need more? Here's some earlier ultrasounds from the beginning of July, on a quickie web page that we threw together for family.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you due?

Our doctor says the magic date will be January 13, but I'm sure we'll have a contest once we get closer.

Is it a boy or a girl?

We don't know, and we're hoping not to find out until the baby's born. But instead of referring to the baby as an "it", we use "he" or "she" interchangeably. I assure you, we don't know any more than you do.

Seriously, this isn't the middle ages. Medical science has advanced. Is it a boy or a girl?

Okay, you broke us down. We have two pretty good guesses. Email us and we'll share them with you.

Do you have names picked out?

We've got a couple of names floating around, but nothing set in stone yet. We still have time to figure it out, and we like waiting until the last possible second.

What do the cats think about all this?

It's hard to say. We've told them about the baby and shown them the ultrasounds, but I don't think they have a full grasp of the situation yet.

How is Nancy feeling? Any morning sickness?

I'm good; mostly I feel bloated. (Pants are starting to get tight.) My experience with morning sickness hasn't been as bad as I've heard from other mothers, yet I wasn't completely in the clear either. Really, I feel lucky to get off so lightly. (Knock on wood.)

Any weird cravings yet?

Nope, not yet. I am a bit susceptible to odd (to me) food suggestions, like Cinnabon, birthday cake, or poached eggs. Please don't use this knowledge for evil.

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