August 30, 2005

One Stina Wonder

I've got an FO, and that makes me happy!

I finished the one skein wonder for my friend Stina. This is 'technically' the second osw I've made, but it also confirms that the first one is not going to work. No living human could arrange their torso to comfortably fit into the glittery wonder. ('Cept him.) I just don't know if I have the strength in me to knit it again - in that yarn!

But on the positive side, Stina looks fab in her new shrug!
sorry 'bout the pix: forgot camera and only had camera-phone on me

Stina_osw_3.jpg Stina_osw_2.jpg Stina_osw_1.jpg

Pattern: Glamprye's One Skein Wonder
Yarn: Lion Brand CottonEase in Pistachio


As an added bonus to the night... I got to snap a pic of Bethany sporting her new, loooooong scarf! (Again, I apologize for the image's quality.)

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23/5 (like 24/7 but different)

A certain ducky tagged me for this meme thing. (Oh, duck. You'll get your comeuppance!)

So... in my 23rd post, the fifth line reads:


A bit anti-climatic, right? Okay, well if emoticons (that's so aught-3) don't count, I guess here's the real 5th sentence:

Click on the 'read more' for the recipe, or read on knowing that our bellies are happy tonight.

It was a recipe for our Thanksgiving turkey carcass made into tasty soup with couscous and spinach. And it was tasty! I may hug you instead of hurt you now, duck. You've reminded me of some yum I forgot about. How soon is Thanksgiving?

In retribution ('cause that's what its all about), I'm tagging a few pals I know... Lauren, Erica, Rachel, Jennifer, and Michelle.

Here are the rules for the meme:

  1. Go into your archive.
  2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
  3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
  4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
  5. Tag five people to do the same.
  6. Enjoy!

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August 23, 2005

And more...

Okay, so this really isn't about more UFOs and the such. But it is about knitting and procrastination on finishing anything. Actually its about fun.

Skitter may have mentioned it already, but recently we had a mini-Crafturday and did some bead-work.

What does this mean to a knitter? Stitch Markers, of course!


A fairly new bead store opened up nearby so how could we resist but to visit and admire the shiny purty things. The owners of R&R were friendly and helpful. The store was charming (read: smallish), but there wasn't anything that I felt was missing. I'll definitely return and try to help their business.

In these pictures, Vannakin tries to act non-chalant about the stitch markers, but you know that greedy girl wants some of her own! Like Chris, I'm a bit partial to the kitties (which were purchased elsewhere a while ago). But I'm also a fan of the glassy florals, too.

You cannot resist the glitz!

The three stitch markers at the end of the needle in this picture have been packed and shipped off to my secret pal. In fact, I know that she's already received them. Super!

In addition to not knitting on Matt's sock by making stitch markers, I've also found myself sidetracked by a quick knit: a scarf. Typically I shy away from the novelty scarves, mostly because they look dated, goofy, or uncomfortable. But I'm loving this combination of railroad yarn and mohair.

Mmm, dah-ling!

I used two skeins of Berroco Mosaic FX in Breakfast At Tiffany's and half a ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Jelly on size US#15 needles. The Mosaic FX had been patiently waiting in my stash to become something since my PEZ 4 Yarn trade back when. A friend had received a great lil' jacket as a Bday present and the colors were a match. But it felt like I needed something to carry along with it to give it some substance.

Sure, you may be thinking, but since when does Kidsilk Haze have 'substance'? Since now. Don't question me! [er... sorry.] This is my first time using the Kidsilk Haze and now I know how it got the nickname "Kracksilk Haze." It's nice.

And Vannakin seems to think so, too!

Its soooooooo long!

This was a super quick knit and totally mindless. It was a bit of a bear to wrangle those #15 needles, but after a while we called a truce. It may have helped that during breaks I would reenact a few Buffy and Mr. Pointy scenes. The finished product is about 10' long and 6" wide. Perfect for the sassy grrl on the go!

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August 17, 2005

Knitting, what knitting? Part 2

As if that first behemoth of a list wasn't enough, I've got more. Did you notice something missing from that list? A genre of knitting. That one type of project that turns a mild mannered knitter into a maniac.

Yep, that's right. This here is my SOCK WIPs!


Again, random is the order of the day.

But first a word of caution to the future sock knitters of the world. Take care with the yarn stash & hording. My poor, timber friend found herself in a terrifying predicament: a sock yarn avalanche (sock-alanche, if you will)! She suffered a bit of drama trauma and fiber burns, but is recovering nicely.

Manly Socks

  • Status: WIP
  • Approx. Start Date: Spring-ish '05
  • Approx. Finish Date: August 22, 2005 (crossing fingers!)
  • You like?
  • Percent Complete: 52%
    Update: 1st sock is done and I've started the 2nd!
  • Pattern: Knit Socks! Classy Slip-Up
  • Yarn: Regia 4 ply Banner Color #5455
  • Needles: US#1 dpns Susan Bates (metal)
  • Intended Recipient: Bonez!
  • Notes: Matty's Bday is fast approaching and my hope is to have these done in time. Maybe I need a stronger feeling than "hope?"

Spoil-Me Sockettes

Mmmmm.. cozy
  • Status: UFO
  • Approx. Start Date: June '05
  • Approx. Finish Date: Fall '05
  • Percent Complete: 47%
    (still need to sew in the ends of sock #1)
  • Pattern: Alison's Ankle Socks
  • Yarn: Rowan Cashcotton DK in magenta and limone (4 ply)
  • Needles: US#3 dpns
  • Intended Recipient: me
  • Notes: This may be my first true 'second sock syndrome'. It is also my first successful short-row toe and heel... and like Bot-Gurl, it kind of bugs me that both sides don't match. But for the comfort and cozy that awaits me, I should just get on with it.

FirstSoLast Socks

    Goodbye, dear friend.
  • Status: UFO/Rip
  • Approx. Start Date: Um... 2004 sometime?
  • Approx. Finish Date: Er, 2006 sometime?
  • Percent Complete: 1%
  • Pattern: basic ribbed socks pattern that Ducky gave me
  • Yarn: Plymouth Sockotta in #07 Sunny
  • Needles: dunno, they're gone
  • Intended Recipient: me
  • Notes: These were the first socks I ever cast on for. At that time I didn't believe that the ribbing would ever fit. (Still don't.) So they languished. I've even stolen the needles to use for a different project. I really enjoyed how the colors was speckling, so I want to get these done. But when? I'll probably rip and redo.

Just a gentle squeeze

All this and I'm designing some socks! Yep, look'it me go. Barely a few socks under my belt, and I'm off finding my own trail. (Okay, not so much, but I'm highly amused by these socks and I think you will be, too.) Here's the yarn for two pairs; I'm trying each pair in a different yarn weight to see which I like better. But the colors are the important bit!

Also, there's been a challenge thrown down. To see if I, and anyone who wants to participate, can finish one (1) UFO in one (1) month. This doesn't go for WIPs; its about the items you've left languishing and haven't touched in months. Or the item that you bought yarn and the pattern for, but haven't started yet. I'm going to try and get the details together, but let me know if you're up for this challenge. If you're... (dare I say it?)... KNITTER ENOUGH!

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August 16, 2005


Lookie what I got

Hey you! You with the reciprocated love. Five years... its the tip of the iceberg.

Happy Anniversary, Bonez.

**Update** And just so you know that it really is reciprocal...

Matty-boy got him some flowers, too.

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August 07, 2005

Knitting, what knitting?

Okay. So there is some knitting that has occurred 'en mi casa'. A stitch here and there to while away the time. But the progress is slow and not too exciting.

Which is just the reason (as if we needed any) that our buddy Vannakin will show off these FOs, UFOs, and WIPs*! That ought'ta get the place jumpin'!

Just so ya' know, this is an image and link laden post. Carry on.

Finished Objects, Un-Finished Objects, and Works-In-Progress

Is there a proper order to present projects in? Chronological (even though the FOs were started after most UFOs), in order of completion and closest to being done, or grouped in categories by type? How 'bout balls-out random?! (Can I get a holla'?)

Here you are in no particular order, my projects...

La frente

Glitter Skein Wonder

  • Status: FO
  • Approx. Start Date: July 19, 2005
  • Approx. Finish Date: July 29, 2005
    (but just because I left it sit for many days - its really a quick knit)
  • Percent Complete: 100%
  • y el back-o
  • Pattern: One Skein Wonder by Glampyre
  • Yarn: Berroco Quest in Platinum
  • Needles: US#8 & #5 Denise needles
  • Intended Recipient: Jen
  • Notes: I may have knit or bound off too tightly, and it may not fit recipient, who is no longer in town to try it on. I'm making a second one (keep reading), so we'll see how they compare. And this yarn? You either love it or hate it. I kind of fall into the second camp.

And she does dishes!

random dishcloths

  • Status: FOs
  • Approx. Start Date: Summer '05
  • Approx. Finish Date: a day or two later
  • Percent Complete: 100%
  • Pattern: pinwheel blanket pattern and the Stacks & Eyelets Stitch from the Pattern-A-Day calendar
  • ah AH ahhh - ah
  • Yarn: Sugar n' Cream in variegated green, purple, tan, and white; Peaches & Cream in Lemon-Lime
  • Needles: US#7 straight needles
  • Intended Recipient: two unsuspecting households
  • Notes: I really like the lemon-lime dishcloth, but the pinwheel was a let-down for both the colors and the pattern. (Better for full blankets.) I had a bit of Photoshop fun with this image, as if you couldn't tell.

Oh, the shame. The Shame.

baby sweaters

  • Status: major UFOs
  • Approx. Start Date: early '05
  • Approx. Finish Date: before college?
  • Percent Complete: 0.5%
    (one sweater was started, but no progress; and I'm still deciding on a pattern for the other)
  • Pattern: Haiku from and ?
  • Yarn: Sirdar Spree in Riviera (blues and turquoise) and Sirdar Rio (many leftovers from the Squid blanket)
  • Needles: ?
  • Intended Recipient: Benny and the Squid (ha - you thought I was gonna say "Jets", didn't ya?)
  • Notes: Good intentions gone... well, gone. I still hope to make these two sweaters, but have you seen the rest of this list? Soon. I promise.

and knitting...

Green Skein Wonder

  • Status: WIP
  • Approx. Start Date: July 30, 2005
  • Approx. Finish Date: soon
  • Percent Complete: 60%
  • Pattern: One Skein Wonder by Glampyre
  • Yarn: Lion Brand CottonEase in Pistachio
    (yes, I found a store-stash and it's mine, ALL MINE!)
  • Needles: US#8 & 5 Denise needles
  • Intended Recipient: Stina
  • Notes: This is the follow-up to the Glitter Skein Wonder. For another friend. Hoping for good things.

No yarn snobs here!

Spiral Blanket

  • Status: WIP
  • Approx. Start Date: June '05
  • Approx. Finish Date: whenever
  • Percent Complete: 20-ish%
  • Pattern: pinwheel blanket
  • Yarn: Red Heart Soft Baby in New Mint Twinkle
  • Needles: US#6 Denise needles
  • Intended Recipient: dunno
  • Notes: This is one of those projects that just is. It's mindless and easy to work on anywhere; a pretty laid-back project. You can blame Baigneuse for this one.

so non-chalant


  • Status: WIP
  • Approx. Start Date: July '05
  • Approx. Finish Date: whenever
  • Percent Complete: 3%
  • Pattern: Clapotis from
  • Yarn: Trendsetter Yarns Spiral in Royal
  • Needles: US#8 circs
  • Intended Recipient: unknown
  • Notes: This is my second Clapotis that I'm making and, although I love the pattern, I cannot get excited about knitting it again.


Hairpin Lace Wrap

  • Status: [grumble, grumble mutter grumble]
  • Approx. Start Date: May '05
  • Approx. Finish Date: HA!
  • Percent Complete: 0%
    I can make knots, but that's not point
  • Pattern: Dagmar from Berroco #231
  • Yarn: Berroco Lullaby in Willy Winky as practice yarn (left over from the niece poncho)
  • Needles: some hairpin lace contraption
  • Intended Recipient: me
  • Notes: I fell in like with this wrap at the LYS, but hairpin lace seems to be in the same category as crochet... something I can't do! (Yeah, yeah - I can hear y'all now. Don't say "can't." Well perhaps not, but its sure not fun or easy for me.


Liam's Cable Sweater

  • Status: UF(riggin')O
  • Approx. Start Date: Fall '04
  • Approx. Finish Date: oh, dear
  • Percent Complete: 10%
    (but I'll probably have to rip and start over in a larger size now)
  • Pattern: Sirdar Brig Aran jacket
  • Yarn: Plymouth Encore in reds and yellows
  • Needles: US#8 straight needles
  • Intended Recipient: nephew Liam
  • Notes: I started this sweater so long ago - and kids tend to grow pretty quickly. So I've no doubt that if I actually want to make this sweater that I'll be ripping and restarting in a larger size. Now, where'd my motivation go?

Why? WHY?!

Monkey Scarf

  • Status: UFO
  • Approx. Start Date: Nov 2004
  • Approx. Finish Date: Xmas 2005
  • Percent Complete: 5%
  • Pattern: 8-stitch checkerboard pattern
  • Yarn: Bernat DenimStyle in Rodeo Tan
  • Needles: US#8 circs
  • Intended Recipient: MattyBonez
  • Notes: This yarn is so very soft and it reminds me of sock monkeys. I picked up plenty during a sale and have plans to make a scarf, cardigan, and whatever more I can for my Matty.

Her sorrow runs deep

Shapely Tank

  • Status: WIP, but possibly deceased
  • Approx. Start Date: Spring 2004
  • Approx. Finish Date: ?
  • Percent Complete: 85%
  • Pattern: Shapely Tank by White Lies Design
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Microspun in Fuchsia
  • Needles: US#6 circs
  • Intended Recipient: me
  • Notes: I got the front of this tank done last year, then put it away for the winter. I pulled it out again in Spring to finish it (hoping I'll wear it this summer). I was almost done with the back when I decided to compare the two pieces. My only guess is that I've become a more relaxed knitter this past year. The back is much larger than the front. But there it lies until I decide its fate.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Voodoo Wrist Warmers

  • Status: UFO
  • Approx. Start Date: Fall 2004
  • Approx. Finish Date: Fall 2005
  • Percent Complete: 48%
  • Pattern: Voodoo Wrist Warmers from
  • Yarn: Noro Silk Garden
  • Needles: US#5 dpns
  • Intended Recipient: me
  • Notes: No good reason these aren't done. Perhaps someone put a hex on me? It could happen.

Stay tuned! There's more yet.

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