July 29, 2005

Time to get Freaky

A favorite long-forgotten movie has recently resurfaced on DVD. I'm gonna guess that you haven't seen the movie or even heard of it. Click on, because knowing is half the battle.

dialup alert: Thar be lots of images in the article. If ye be a beepity-modem lubber, click the link, take a nap, then come back. Avast!

Back in the day, I bought "Freaked" on LaserDisc. You don't remember LaserDiscs? -It was the ultimate video format for film snobs for about 18 months in the 1990's. Picture in youre mind a DVD the size of an record album. The terrifying thing is that I can even tell you that I bought it from a cutout bin at Camelot Music for about $5.88.

Anyhow, as part of a neverending project, I have been slowly transferring these LaserDiscs to DVD, since most of them have never been sold on DVD. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Freaked was finally coming out on DVD!

I bought it from my local mall and was impressed that the DVD doesn't have any information on the cover, just a photo collage. That inspired me. I've been told that my taste in film leaves something to be desired, so I won't go on any longer about the movie. I will instead, let the stills below speak for themselves.

If you want to know what the movie is about, check it out on imdb.

brook.jpg Brooke Shields is in it. Wasn't Blue Lagoon a comedy classic?
cooganposse.jpg Alex Winters (of Bill & Ted fame) plays Rickie Coogan, a former child star.
ees.jpg EES
julieernie.jpg The guy half of JulieErnie played the drunk brother on Blossom.
milkmen.jpg This scene is comedy gold
mrt.jpg Mr T. is the bearded lady
pinhead.jpg ahh, the pinhead
quaid.jpg Hands down, Randy Quaid's best role, Elijah C Skruggs, the freakshow proprietor.
ramada.jpg One of the best jokes in the movie, but I'm not going to ruin it for you.
rastas.jpgI have nothing to say about this one, but I felt that you should know about the rasta eyeballs.
rickie.jpg Rickie Coogan, freak.
tastyfreeksmachine.jpg The Tasty Freekz Machine makes it all possible.
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July 28, 2005

1995-2005: The PEZ collection

I found an old picture of an apartment I lived in when I was wee (wee like young, not wee like pee).

Yeah, I know this is a lame intro, but come inside and see what 10 years will do to a collection.

I'm lazy and it's late, so enjoy the pictures. The first one is from circa 95, and the rest are from circa 15 minutes ago. The collection has gone from about 30 pieces to ... well... lots. Not really sure anymore.

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July 27, 2005

Is that you in the next stall?

My shoes rock!

It's been a few weeks, but still find myself enamored with a new pair of sneaks that I bought on a whim. I have to restrain from wearing them every single day, and am extra-happy on the days when I allow myself to wear them. Crazy, huh?

Don't be jealous. I'm sure that you have a neat pair of shoes that make your sole (ha!) smile and heart sing, too. You do, don't you? If not, what are you waiting for?

Don't they rock?!

Okay, here's the details: the shoes (the ones on my feet Right. Now.) were purchased at Whole Earth Provision. They are the from the Simple brand, and they are muy comfy. I even know that a pal-o of mine picked herself up a Simple shoe that she's lovin' too.

The one tough thing with having super-cute shoes that are uncommon enough to make coworkers jealous is that you can easily be identified on the other side of the bathroom stall. Come on - you know that you check out your neighbors shoes (and pedicure, if sandals are worn) while in the loo. It's almost a game (a quiet, keep-to-yourself sort of mental game): try to recognize the coworker by her peds. Obviously the odds are trickier in larger offices.

Oh - and there are well-know etiquette rules for the office bathroom, but these are mainly for men. Are they the same for women? There are a few different ah... issues that the ladies deal with that should probably be addressed. Anyone want to take this project on?

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July 19, 2005

Lookie what I got!

I'm a little late in reporting this to the internets in general, but I got a happy joyful package in the mail last week from my secret pal. (In case you missed it, I'm taking part in Secret Pal 5. There's even a button:)


Up to this point, I've enjoyed friendly e-mails and engaging comments from my oh-so mysterious pal. But gifts? Sure, I knew this was part of the whole 'Secret Pal' regimen, and I've sent bits-o-joy to my pal. But when I saw the mail envelope waiting for me after work I couldn't help but act giddy like a giddy-acting youth of the female persuasion that attends lessons. I was overjoyed (just ask Matt).

As I peeled the packaging away I found trinkets and paper and a wonderful scent!

What? That wasn't enough information for you? You need to know more? Damn, you're nosy!

Okay, here's really what my pal sent me:
a set of knitting note cards, goat-silk soap *, and a set of six stitch markers! The stitch markers, or knitting jewelry as some like to refer to it, were made by the pal, herself. Kewl!

the manikin 'Vanna-ing' it up

And yes, that is Buffy on the TV. In fact, is the last DVD of the last season of Buffy. [weep]

* Get this. So this soap? It's made from goat's milk, good stuff (oils and he such, all natural), and silk. Silk! Goat's milk AND silk! Can you stand it? Wicked kewl. And the scent? Heavenly. And pretty, ta' boot. It's called 'Tiny Bubbles with Silk' (silk!) and it's from The Spirit Goat in Utah. (Ah... a hint to my pal's identity.) But the silk? Come on - does YOUR soap have silk in it???

(Note: Huge assumption that my pal is indeed a chick. I'm not certain if this has been determined - on my part, not hers/his - or if I'm simply making myself look like an ass and making her/him feel horrible. Please know, O sweet pal, I do not mean you any distress or undesired ambiguity. If I am mistaken, you may rightfully spite me with horrid pressies or none at all.)

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July 12, 2005

House Drinks

We know. It's hot and bright out. The heat saps your energy and the sun? The sun, she causes wrinkles in the corners of your eyes. (Not that they're noticable on you. YOU look loverly and well-rested.)

So come into the shade, just to cool off and rest a while. Maybe leave when it's not so hot and blinding out.

Well, since you're here, can we offer you a beverage? Something nice and refreshing, perhaps with a little bite to it? Oh sure, we have our tasty limeade that will surely quench your thirst. But perhaps I can recommend one of our house drinks instead?

There are two fine drinks that we are happy to offer you today. Two different tastes for however your desires swing. (Um. In regards to beverages of choice. Don't try the freaky stuff here, mister!) One is a mellow drink, something to wet your palate while you contemplate... oh, PEZ ,'puters or other guy stuff. The other is a party drink: fruity, icy, and fun. This'll get your girl-drink-drunk on.

Daddy Likes!

House drink #1: the 'daddy' drink

While I'm sure that my drink probably has a real name, I'm far too lazy to do the work required to look it up. I'm also a little unclear about the actual origins of the name, though I have a couple of fairly good guesses. Continue on, gentle reader.

This is a guy drink and will never be confused with a girl drink drunk. A decorative paper umbrella would not be comfortable in this drink. Am I making myself clear? I think the name is kinda based on that the whole 'guyness' of the drink. It's something that you would suspect the Beav's dad (you know, Mr. Beaver) would drink after work; a daddy drink.

Of, course, I don't mean to exclude... If it sounds good, try it. I assure, it hits the spot.

Ingredient list

  • A good, heavy glass. It makes it that much better. Plus, no matter what your friends say, it's never cool to drink out of your hands.
  • Ice - Also known as 'rocks', this item is available in better freezers everywhere. You will need 3-4 cubes. These are essential for cooling and provide something neato for you to look at when you swirl your glass.
  • Scotch - no need for top shelf. Any non-rotgut blended scotch is fine. Dewar's is mine.
  • Vernor's ginger ale - Vernor's is a hometown favorite. In a pinch, I suppose any other would work...probably not just as well.

Assembly Instructions (in biblical format)

  1. The ice shall rain upon the glass mightily. Verily the ice shall swirl about the glass and smite all heat from the glass.
  2. Blessed is the Scotch, for it shall inherit the lower portion of the glass. 1 cubit (or ounce, I suppose), though not graven in stone, is recommended. On some nights, the Scotch may be fruitful and multiply.
  3. And he replied, "It matters not if the can be half full or half empty, as long as half the Vernor's is in the glass."
  4. On the seventh day, he rested, and swirled the ice in his Scotch. And it was good.

House drink #2: What rhymes with orange?


Moving on, the the fairer of the house drinks is 'What rhymes with orange.' I know it sounds silly, but have a few of them and you're sure to agree that the name is perfect. The origin of this is simple. I suggested it, and thought it was witty. Nanc, found it non-hilarity inducing. We had to call the drink something in the meantime...but it stayed in there and fought valiantly, and now 'what rhymes with orange' is the official drink name.

It doesn't always happen this way. Sometimes my witty names are blatantly disregarded. Case in point. A couple of years ago, we procured a full size skeleton, similar to those used in biology class. The reason we needed a skeleton is another tangent for another day. I considered many possible names for before it hit me. "Napoleoon Bone-Apart", I thought as I tittered to myself. Nancy's reaction was much like that of a wall. "Not funny. No, not funny at all." In the end, the name in the skeleton supply company catalog was chosen instead and "Bucky" was named. Not that I'm um.. bitter about this, or that i think that my name was, like, way better or anything... um.... But I digress, and here we are probably wondering where the drink recipe is.

Ingredient list

  • You need beverage bric-a-brac, such as paper umbrellas. This is one situation where more is more, and less is lame. Just like your mother always tolds you, "You need lots of cool toys in your booze." -- Your Mom didn't say that?
  • Small pieces of fruit are an optional luxury. If you have something citrus-y, it will work. These are needed to keep your fancy stir stick and umbrellas from sinking to the bottom of your glass.
  • You also need a comfortable glass, such as a good tiki glass that will support all of the fancy drink stirrers. Don't use a dainty one like the glass in the picture. That's what we use to sucker the rubes who look at the pictures, but don't actually read the article. Ha! We screwed them!
  • Ice of any variety. For a high-falootin' drink, use crushed.
  • 1 shot of 43, a tasty Spanish vanilla liqueur.
  • 1 shot of vodka-nothin' funny here.
  • 2 shots (give or take) of orange juice - This will provide essential vitamins.
  • Half a can of Vernor's ginger ale - You know, if you check, you might have half a can hanging out from a daddy drink.

Assembly instructions

  1. Mix the ice, 43, vodka, OJ, and Vernor's in the glass.
  2. Garnish with fruit chunks, or doodads. Suggested doodads include: monkeys with fezzes stirsticks, plastic pink elephants, tiny paper lanterns on sticks, little swords or spears, wee tiny plastic mermaids, toothpicks with cellophane on the end, or plastic giraffes.
  3. Drink and ponder, "what rhymes with orange?"
  4. Repeat.

If we were responsible, we would probably end this article with some sort of "don't drink and drive" or "know when to say when" type thing, but that sounds lame and whiny. Instead, try this one on : "Don't be a moron." I think that about covers it.

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Today's thought

Motivation is a most difficult beast to domesticate.

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July 05, 2005

Sunny citrus-y days

In these days of temps over 100 degrees (that's Fahrenheit for y'all to the North), you thirst for something refreshing and light. It's too hot to anything really, but sit around with your feet up, fan yourself, and sip on a tall, cool glass of limeade.

Ahhhhhh, refreshing!

And that's just what I found myself doing this past weekend. (But mostly in the A/C'd indoors.) With my Citrus Socks completed, I enjoyed a like-minded beverage and my new socks.

Okay, so I did brave the heat for these fotos. But I stayed cool with that (and other) beverages. Plus retreating to the A/C soon afterwards.

I made one (at least) mistake on each sock, but they don't bother me so much. I like 'em, and the "lace" pattern was easy and gave quick results. I've posted the details enough, that I'm not gonna repeat it again. (Too lazy - the heat: it sucks all energy, even while enjoying the refrigerated air.)

Can't 'cha just taste it?!

But the limeade. Sweet, blessed limeade. When we first moved to Texas, the idea of drinking a lime-based, non-alcoholic beverage was whack. (Do the kids still say "whack", now a-days?) But we have since seen the light. Sonic is the prime locale for limeade (and cherry limeade, even yummier), but it's good to make it at home.

Matty and I modified our favorite Old-Fashioned Lemonade recipe from Cooking Light. (Yep, from scratch is unbelievably better than you can even imagine. Don't even try. Stop it now. Just know, it's better.) And here, we'll share it with you. 'Cause we care (and because getting others addicted to our addictions make them seem less addicting, I mean... if everyone's doing it).

New-Fangled Limeade

  • 1 1/4 c. fresh lime juice (about 8 limes)
  • 3/4 c. sugar (or Splenda)
  • 4 1/2 c. cold water

Combine juice and sugar, stirring until sugar dissolves. Stir in water. Chill for approx. 1 hour and pour over ice cubes.

Tip: Microwave two limes for approx. 30 seconds, then roll the limes on the counter to make them as juicy as possible

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