September 30, 2006


Wha? What kind of title is "ketchup" anyhoo? Well, let me blather on explain.

Despite the lack of blogging and sharing knits as they happen, I've been keeping quiet. Really, nothing crazy or fancy or whatnot is going on. Simply, I haven't been knit-blogging about much. But I have been knitting. Some.

In an effort to show what I have knit and finished (FOs - hurrah!), what I'm currently knitting, and what I hope/plan/want to be knitting soon - I decided to post this here catch-up post.

The term "catch-up" reminds me of "catsup" which is another term for "ketchup." And my joking dad used to play with the words and intermingle them. (I'm sure he also referred to "catch-up" as "catsup" during my youth, the silly man that he is.)

So read on for my catsup catch-up.

First, the FOs. I had a lot of small projects that came and went with not much blog worthy fuss. Or the progress was blogged, but not much else. So here they finally are in all their glory, or whathaveyou:

  • Tivoli! - pattern and yarn (I have plenty of leftovers, ta' boot). [no current pic]
  • Matt's Trekking socks! - modified pattern and yarn for this A-long
  • felted monkey bag - modified pattern, Matt's mad monkey skillz made the image that I charted, and the yarn (with a little help from my friends); intended as a gift for my niece
  • baby hat & booties - Umbilical Cord Hat from Stitch 'n Bitch (1st book) and some bootie pattern (forgot) in this yarn; intended for one of Matt's coworkers newborn son... a while ago (oops), now waiting for a recipient
  • And finally, a scarf - I don't think I ever blogged about this, but I started working on it last year (winter?) and then it went into the UFO box. Recently, I wanted to knit on something that wasn't one of my WIPs but I didn't want to start something new. So I found this in that box and quickly finished it! (Why I dropped it I'll never know.) 22 stitches of Lana Gatto "Musa" knit in a mock cable/twisted rib stitch (Row 1: K1, P2. Row 2: P1, K into 2nd st. then K 1st st. Continue.)

In my WIP pile (which is very, Very different than my UFO box), I have these:

  • my Trekking socks - again for the A-long, but never got even close to being done. I'm using the RPM pattern, which is nice with the Trekking. These are slowly becoming UFOs unless I knit on 'em soon!
  • Adamas shawl - this pattern (purchased from here) created by the wonderful Mim in Shadow (shown in the "here" link). I didn't get very far before making a mistake, and now I'm just waiting (for what?) until I rip and reknit it. Apparently, lifelines are good or something.
  • my dye-o-rama socks - mysterious yarn dyed by the mysteriously gone Maria in loverly "Jeans with a Twist" colorway done in (need info) stitch; knit toe-up, short-row heel, magic-loop (1 circ). 1 done. (Also pictured with a traded-for sock bag from Trek and my Dye-O-Rama stitch marker winnings.
  • SSSSsock - (Second Sock Syndrome Swap, if you must know) a local single-sock swap with my knitgrrls; using some koigu in pretty colors and a modified pattern of skillz and cleverness. Yes, I'm being vague on purpose - don'tcha know, they read this drivel!
  • Fetching! - this pattern in this stash yarn in dark navy (not shown on site). Also pictured, cutesy Asian stitch markers of lucky cats and sumo kitties (squee!) from Jen.

And 'cause I'm on a roll with these lists and all those links now, my immediate future knits:

  • EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket - I just got the yarn (Noro Kureyon) from Rosemary as a prize for guessing the same knit! It'll be for this A-long and most likely donated.
  • either the Everyday Cardigan or Ribbi Cardi - I have the yarn for both: Peace Fleece for Everyday and Wool of the Andes for R.C.
  • afghan squares - I'll be knitting up a few 6" squares for the upcoming arrival of Good Girl Purl's Diva Baby (nephew, not hers). (If it's a boy, should it be Divo Baby? Ha ha ha)
  • We Call Them Pirates hats - the pattern; I have the yarn and desire to make many of these hats... I just need to get a-knittin'
  • And another either/or (but both eventually), Melody shawl in Morehouse Merino Lace or another Clapotis in Brooks Farm Four Play.
  • And, of course, what ever else comes along and flips my lid!

How 'bout you? What do you need catching up on?

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September 23, 2006

Saturday Sky

If you've read the last few posts, you might be wondering how I can show a Saturday Sky picture. Well, good news...

No, no... we didn't get our former camera back. It has gone to the rental car lost-n-found gawds in the sky. Or a greedy bastard. {shrug}

We didn't waste any time and immediately sought out another camera. There was a bit of research and discussion between a point-and-shoot (like we had) and a D-SLR, but really we knew which camera we wanted. We've lusted after this camera. Friends and family have this camera. And it does the geeky things the boy likes.

So with this gray and overcast Saturday Sky picture, may I introduce you to our Canon Rebel XT digital SLR? Maybe we'll call him Gary.

It started pouring thick rain not 10 minutes after this picture was taken, and forecasters are predicting severe storms until 8 tonight. This is exciting and lovely.

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September 15, 2006

Does this 2nd place ribbon make me look fat?

Howdy, y'all! Guess what? (guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat!) The results are in from the fair judges and.... {drum roll please}
my socks took 2nd place!


What socks? you might ask? These socks!

Okay, so I might be a little geeked about this, but I didn't know what to expect. Heck, I wasn't even certain why I was entering anything in the state fair. It just seemed like the thing to do. Perhaps it's some regressive gene that I was unaware of until now, like freckles or a green thumb? (Last weekend, we came across foto of clothing entered into a fair that won ribbons. No one knows who made what, but I may investigate this further.)

What? You don't believe me?! Or maybe you wanna go see for yourself? Here's the link. Click on the Results for Dept. I - Needlework and Sewing, and scroll down to Knit Original Design Any Art(icle). And a big ol' congratulations to Jenn, too, for nabbing the 3rd place ribbon for her Aileen purse! Jenn is a great knitter and part of our SnB group. (Plus she's super nice!)

Bonez an' I will most definitely be heading down to the fair this year, especially since there's more than just the fried foods-on-sticks this time. Speaking of which, if you haven't seen this yet, you'll want to. (It's a YouTube video link.) Sissy, why didn't you go to the MN state fair? This goodness AND the Sock Monkey dresses? I'm all over it! Ha! (Maybe all those long winter months have gotten to a few Minnesotans, eh?)

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September 14, 2006

What's black and white and...

Okay, not just "black and white" - there's orange and green and brown, too. But the idea of the title is that this blog may be just text for a while.

It seems that our camera has gone MIA. Or more likely, some unsuspecting (or immoral) rental car renter thinks he/she just got themselves a great deal on a digital camera with a super-sized memory card. Wo0t! Yeah... not good.

So in the meantime, we'll try to be clever with our words and/or we'll recycle some pix stored on the PC.

If you want to read about our trip to Cinci, continue on.

First, imagine a cute lil' picture off to the right side there ---->
It would've been a cleverly framed pic angled so that you could see my current sock WIP (work in progress) on my knee, Matt's geek 'zine, and airport carpet. Yep - waiting to board our flight out of DFW.

The sock is a toe-up, short-row heel, ankle sock knit from my dye-o-rama's gifted yarn, which you can see here (labeled as "the beauty"). This is some really nice and thick sock yarn that is knitting up great. I'm loosely following the Gentleman's Shooting Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks. At the time of the foto (and the flight), I had just finished the heel and was v. happy. (Too proud, perhaps?)

As of last night, some ribbing has been knitted and the sock was bound off, albeit too tightly. I will need to undo this and try a different method. Perhaps I'll add a bit more ribbing/height after I weigh the remaining yarn.

Although there wasn't much knitting during this trip (we watched an in-flight Angel episode thanks to my techie-man), I did get to visit a yarn store. Most of the weekend was filled with family hang time and going through old (OLD!) photographs of my paternal grandmother's. (Yeah, they're so old that they get the full, spelled out word! hee!)

The store was Lambikin's Hideaway in Hamilton!, OH. (There's a story behind that exclamation point that I won't let the city of Hamilton! forget.) It was a bit out of our way, but we coerced my folks to follow us up there and get lunch before we headed back home. Also, I had one commenter, blogless Rusty, from my last post who recommended this store.

I wish that I could've had more time to browse and enjoy the store. It's a great space and had a good "feel" to it. There's an upstairs area for classes, and the yarn is divvied up in 2 or 3 rooms. During my quick breeze around, I noticed a few brands that we don't carry down here and picked up what I could.

So... [cough, cough]... at this point, you would be directed to the next few pictures of my wonderful new yarn bounty. Let's see, there are two skeins of Claudia's Hand Painted sock yarn in a color called 'Butter Pecan' (not shown on her site). They're loverly, really. I also picked up one skein of Malabrigio in a dark brown and green bit of wonderful. (If the color is on their site, I don't recognize it.)

I also grabbed a variegated ball of Cascade Fixation for a pair of ankle socks and a skein of Louet Sales Euroflax Linen in a cool, country blue. (I have a skein of this in a aqua color from MSWF.) I would have loved to look at the shop's books and needles and ask some questions, but I was given a 15 minute limit and had already surpassed that.

Other fotos that you might see to the right - had we not left the camera in the rental car - would have been:

  • Fun anniversary party pix of my folks in their silly cruise hats and me with two of my brothers. Us siblings gathered our forces and gifted the folks with a Caribbean cruise. Boy - were they surprised!
  • Squirrels, squirrels, and more squirrels! No, not *real* squirrels. One of the little townships between our hotel and my parent's home celebrated their 150th "birthday" with 4' tall painted squirrels. You can see them all on their site and read their little blurb about it. We found (and photographed) 11 of these guys.
  • Silly signage! Still in Glendale, we saw some sign images that made us either giggle or scratch our heads and wonder why.

Alas and alack, there are no fotos for you, our dear readers, to enjoy and guffaw over. We'll hopefully have a solution soon, but until then you'll have to use your imaginations!

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September 06, 2006

Porkopolis bound

Come on. How could I not use that nickname? Oh, sure. I could've gone with the more common and couth "Queen City", but then there might have been some confusion as to my actual destination.

The man and I are heading up to Cincy this weekend to help my parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. (I know. Can you believe it? FIFTY YEARS?! Whoa.)

It's going to fun to be back in my ol' stomping grounds (although I think I did a lot more stomping up in Cowtown/Columbus). It's a quick trip, so we won't have time to hit all the sites and sounds. But this'll be my first time back as a knitter and I'm wondering what the city has to offer.

Any Cincy knitters out there that can recommend a good LYS?

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