August 31, 2006

When "Toasted" isn't a euphemism for anything

I'm not blaming anyone, but certainly someone was laying down on the job when it came to telling me about toasting Pop*Tarts.

Yes. It's true. Today, for the first time evah, I ate a Pop*Tart pastry that had been heated in the warm cockles of a toaster. Amazing, no?

I grew up eating Pop*Tarts! They were something quick I could grab while running out the door to catch (but mostly miss) the schoolbus. They're an unfussy snack when you need a little something; a treat only purchased on occasion. And until now, I've only eaten them cold out of their shiny mylar pouches.

Oh, my - when I think back on the many "raw" Pop*Tarts that I have consumed during my snack and quick-breakfasts-on-the-run years... [sigh].

But this morning, my honey baked me up a tasty Brown Sugar Cinnamon frosted Pop*Tart in my grandma's toaster. It was bliss. (Bliss enough for me to toast up the 2nd one in work's toaster.)

What other tasty secrets are y'all keeping from me that I should know about?

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August 29, 2006

pez-tastic update

New PEZ is here. It's just inside.


I get it. You don't want to look at new PEZ.

That's fine. I understand. You didn't hurt my feelings.

But what do I tell the PEZ?

I guess guilt trips do work.

First up, the PEZ from Open Season. I'm going to admit right now that I haven't really done the homework on tonight's post --such as hitting a couple of sites to get the names of the characters or any other information. So, um from left to right, the movie includes a mean dog, a retarded, one-antlered dog, a big bear, and some sort of grinch-owl.

Next in the veritable cornocopia of plastic dispensers based on cartoons I'll never watch, Over the Hedge. Surely you know about the movie based on the err... exploits of the buck-toothed squirrel, the turtle, the french skunk, and um the fur helmet guy. The movie that teaches us that uhh.... differences are what make you interesting, teamwork is good, and it's totally okay to make fun of fur helmet.

I'll be honest. All that cartoon PEZ is making me feel winded. Let's take a break from all the vibrant colors. Oh, how I long for boring PEZ that all looks alike. And by alike, I mean like crappy football trophies.

I'm not much of a sports fan, but I can pride myself on having enough man-sense in my man-DNA to name the teams. Here we go, left to right.

  • the allligators- or maybe the crocodiles. Possibly a turtle-gator. This one is tricky.
  • ah yeah, I know this one. Went to school there. Flint Central Indians.
  • another easy one. I live in Texas now. It's totally the Bullseye Barbeque Team.
  • The Siamese Cats- Boy, it must be embarrassing to be on this team. Three words-- Litterbox halftime show.
  • Woot - Alabama Elephants. Go Trunks!
  • The capital Gs
  • University of Michigan. Go Wolverines!

Ahh, just when you thought it was safe, more cartoon dispensers. Cars. Haven't seen this one either. It's been described as "Doc Hollywood" with cars. If you're going to make a cartoon (and eventally PEZ) from a Michael J. Fox vehicle (heh... get it? ... vehi-- ) It should be Teen Wolf, or Back to the Future. Heck, I wouldn't mind Family Ties PEZ (though I expect the cartoon would suck).

Ice Age 2. I did actually see the first one, and I'm pretty sure that I can name these ones. Left to Right -- Snuffleupugus, the Lion King, the vampire weasel and the what the heck is that thing?

Last but not least, make sure to note that Walter helped out a bit.

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August 24, 2006

Trekking Fair Park

While down at Fair Park this weekend dropping off the socks, we decided to spend a little time and enjoy the scenery. Although there wasn't a lot of walking to be had, I'm going to ask to have it count as part of my Trek Along.

Please note: I truly had intentions of taking a good and long hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire wearing my Trekking socks. Unfortunately, those vacation plans were cancelled, and I find myself still in Texas and incredibly warm. All outside excursions are limited to travel to/from car, mailbox, and other air conditioned buildings. Occasionally mowing the lawn. The heat has also affected my knitting production (like many others), and neither Matt's nor my Trekking socks are done. Yet.

But first, I'd like to go back even further in time to the beginning of Matty's birthday week to Friday night. (That's right. Birthday WEEK. With weekends. Plural. We're just fun like that.)

Anyhoo, we started the birthday week a little early with a concert down at the Fair Park Band Shell on Friday night. B. and C. scored some tickets to see Devo and Psychedelic Furs in concert. And before you make some screwy face, you should know that Devo 'brought it'. No, seriously. Devo was 'on' and the sound was 'tight'. And so amazingly fun.

I'm sure the fact that it was a bazillion degrees out and the concert was an outside affair (amphitheater) explains why this event wasn't jam packed with the early-MTV generation. But never mind that. It was a decent crowd; a mix of young and old, conservative and WTF-dude?, but a good time was had by all.

On Saturday, we went to see *mf*Soa*mf*P with (blogless) Aubyn. And if you haven't read all of the other reviews and comments, let me add to the pile and say - This movie is AWESOME! Oh, sure. It's just as cheesy and bad in places as you would expect, but I didn't go into expecting compelling drama and deep n' twisting plots. I laughed my *mf* arse off. I screamed in surprise. I said "eww" at the appropriate spots. And I really enjoyed myself.

Just so you know - this is one of those movies in which the experience is greatly enhanced by going with the right group of friends. Interact with the movie and engage in the fun; don't just sit there. Luckily, I did have the right people with me, so Wo0t!

But a big part of Saturday's fun occurred just before the movie on the way to the theater. We stopped at a garage sale in our neighborhood, not expecting anything and got more than we bargained for. I hate to be a tease and not tell you all, but without a picture (which I promise to get soon) the full impact is lost. But I promise you that it was funny and played into the humor of the rest of the day.

Sunday, Bonez and I went down to Fair Park again. We dropped the socks of at their intended spot and then started our trek. Okay, really it was way too hot to actually walk around down there, so we drove to the other side of the park and walked from there. There are a bunch of small museums, exhibits, and centers all nestled in Fair Park. Eventually, we plan on visiting them all.

First, we went to the aquarium to see some fishies. This isn't a big aquarium and it didn't have ginormous displays. (For that, I would recommend the Dallas World Aquarium.) But it did have some nice, smaller exhibits of toxic fish, native TX fish, and sea horses. We saw some kewl things, like a tank of glittery fish that looked like they were covered in diamonds, the awesomeness that is jellyfish, and an amazing 'gator snapping turtle. All very exciting, I promise you.

After we left the aquarium, we decided to walk a bit more of the park to see what we could see (as it were). Across the way, we spotted shade from the harsh sun, but it seemed to be enveloped in some odd structure. Curious, we moved closer.

This turned out to be the Leonhardt Lagoon, and a pretty neat place to be. It's a huge sculpture that winds in and out of a man-made lagoon. This opens up into a nice, quiet pond with swan peddle boats (which I so want to go back and do when it's cooler). But there's a certain air of intrigue and mystery in this place. Tons of dragonflies and turtles make their homes within the living piece of art along with trees, plants, and flowers (sadly done blooming).

With the heat and our hunger rising, we quickly took pictures of Matt's Trekking socks in this interesting landscape. And then beat a path back to the car and some air conditioning. (Did I mention the hot?) After a quick bite and a visit to the awesome Froggies for PEZ, we headed home.

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August 20, 2006

Socks go to the state fair

"Oh, what a beautiful day for the fair," said the brightly colored pair of socks. "I wonder what we'll see."

If it sounds like I might have lost IT and am a bit more loony that usual, well you might be right. But it won't stop those socks from telling their story. Nothing will stop the socks.

It'll be another scorcher of a day here in Texas, claimed the radio announcer. Expect a high of 102° F and the Air Quality is level 'orange'.

But this didn't mattered to the brightly colored socks. Not even environmental and health concerns due to the dwindling ozone layer could discourage this pair. No, they had been planning for far too long this trip to Fair Park, and today was their day!

"Wake up! Wake up!", exclaimed left sock. "What an exciting day!"

"Come on!", said the right sock. "We need to get our bath." And with that, both socks jumped into the temperate water.

"No splashing!", scolded the right sock. "We don't want to be fulled for our day at the park."

"No way", said lefty. So they quietly soaked and soaked, whispering adventures and plans for the day to each other. Oh what fun they'll have.

Finally, it was time to get out of the bath. "Is it time yet? Can we go to the park?", questioned righty. Left sock chimed in, "Can we go? Can we go?"

Before we go you need to dry, socks. You want to look great for Fair Park, right? The socks conceded and were shooed outside to dry on their blockers in the sun.

Clinging to the wire blockers, the socks conformed to the well-shaped feet. Tiny double-pointed needles picked up their picot edges and held them aloft. The bath left them soft and clean; the curve in their pattern showing off the fun colors.

"You look GREAT!", said left sock to right. "YOU look great!", replied righty.

You both look great. I'm so very proud of you both. The socks beamed. Now are you ready to go?

The pair of socks shouted with excitement how very ready they were to go, indeed.

"Don't forget our paperwork.", said right sock.

"Do we have the map?", questioned left sock. "We don't want to get lost. That would be sad."

We double and triple check the map and their paperwork. It's all here, I say. Are we ready to go? I am just as excited as the socks to go to Fair Park.

The ride down to Fair Park is uneventful. We glide through traffic and construction with ease. Excitement builds as we spy the downtown skyline and whip through the mix-master. "Ooh, what yucky traffic", says right sock. Left sock agrees, "and what shitty signage. Jeez!"

After a quick scolding about how this is a nice family blog, and how 'I will turn this car right back around, mister!' if they don't watch what they say, we're back on track and exiting the highways. The excitement for Fair Park returns along with a happier attitude adjustment.

"Lookie!", exclaims lefty. "Fair Park!"

"We're here!", squeaks righty. "There's the sign."

And sure enough, there was the sign. Not for Fair Park, although that sign was spotted, too. No, the sign was for something bigger, something more important. The sign was for the State Fair of Texas.

The state fair is still a month or so away, but that is why we have come today. We quickly find the Creative Arts building, and catch our collective breaths before we go in.

"Are we sure this is the place?", asks righty in a hushed tone.

"Look at all the handmade stuff.", lefty says with awe. "Are you sure we belong here?"

I take a moment to reassure both the socks and myself. Piles of handmade goods sit on tables that line the walls. The friendly faces of the volunteers sit at stations around the room, accepting crafts and projects which the maker hopes will be good enough, if not the best.

It is intimidating, I whisper.

I walk up to section I, Needlework and Sewing, at which sits three very nice ladies. They confirm my entry and accept our paperwork. For a moment, I hold on to the socks, wishing them the best and knowing that they did well.

Then they're gone. Into the pile of hand knit objects of original design. And we're back out into the bright sunshine.

It's up to the judges now. I say to Matt, as we head out into Fair Park.

Catch up with the socks for the rest of their adventures at the state fair in September, when we all find out what the judges thought. Will they show or won't they?

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Cat Frenzy

We received a mysterious package that made the cats go crazy. What could possibly be inside? Did I mention the strange and funky smell?

The smell was strangely sweet and became more and more pungent as we unwrapped the layers hiding the contents.

Inside the box was a green, leafy weed, double-bagged in an attempt to keep the smell at bay.

A little more investigative work was in order. I checked the address label, and it was postmarked Flint, MI. My hometown. My pulse quickened, and I checked out the front door to make sure that there weren't any cops waiting to bust down the door.

The letter inside explained it all. My friend, Kirsti (who I would link to if she got a blog -- hint) sent along some fresh catnip that she grows for her own four cats.

But would our citified Dallas cats enjoy the fresh catnip -- the feline maryjane, the cat weed, the kitten reefer, the tabby ganja, the -- okay, that's really all I could come up with. Could they? You betcha. Take a look at the excessive amount of pics for more fun with the cats.

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August 11, 2006

A trebuchet candy bowl?

A piñata coffin, er... fancy wooden box? Cast-iron skillet candy logs? Chocolate golf club set (with irons and woods)? Candied liver & onions? A wrought iron and wood bench in Willy Wonka's Candy Gardens?

What in the Sam Hill am I going on about? It's the Bonez' and my sixth wedding anniversary today. And although we promised each other not to get anything, it's still fun to look, plot, and think of these things.

And it seems that I am not the only (bonus: a knitter, ta' boot) one with this conundrum.

Please help me wish my honey a happy 'nother year. Happy Anniversary, babe!

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August 09, 2006

more 'stache enhancements

more inside...

See... it's funny, cuz nanc has an article right before this called stash enhancements...

Well, at least it was funny to me...

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Stash enhancement

Was it sun sickness? Heat exhaustion? Solar flares? What caused me to go bonkers and buy more yarn? Heck, I even admitted to Bonez the other day that "Boy, I sure have a lot of yarn."

Some of the thoughts that were going through my mind at the time: Do I have *enough*? Is there ever "enough?" How will I knit it all? Man, I've gotta get it all knit up! Especially if I wanna buy some of that SeaSilk. Of course, I was under a large pile of yarn trying to reorganize and pack up my stash so that it didn't completely consume the house.

But no. What it all came down to was a forwarded e-mail notice from a fellow knitgrrl about a last minute, 'Beat the Heat' sale at the Woolie Ewe, one of our happy LYSs. *Everything 40% off!* I mean really, what else could I do?

Don't answer that.

So I did what any sane knitter would do... show up first thing and buy, buy, buy. Any resistance and fortitude was melted away by the encouragement of my fellow knitters. (You know who YOU are!)

But all was well, as I got some really nice yarns at a really nice price. Some of this haul is purely for me, me, me [ahem... sock yarn], and some of it is for upcoming projects. And a bit of it was solely for the fact that it is great yarn that I've been meaning to get one day and the price this day was superb.

The Vanakins and Walter helped me with the foto shoot.

The new line up of yarns include the following:

And finally, a bonus picture of Walter for all his fans! Ya' know... the little feller is coming up on his first birthday.

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August 04, 2006

Screw the peanuts and Cracker Jacks, get me some kettle corn!

Last Sunday (yeah, I'm *that* behind with my posts), a couple 200 knitters showed up to watch the Rangers play ball and get their knit on. (The knitters, not the Texas Rangers. Although I would've liked to see them try to knit. But I'm odd like that.)

Was it a coincidence, a fluke? Was some evil scrapbooking villain controlling our collective yarn minds? Does 'America's favorite past time' hold the secret to yarn-overs and cabling?

While all really... well, STOOPID questions; No. It was the fabulous Stitch n' Pitch day at the Texas Rangers game!

Yep, you heard me right. And it was fun, ta' boot!

Late one Sunday night, a bunch of my bestest knitgrrls and I headed out to the Ameriquest Field in Arlington to see the Texas Rangers do a little butt-kickin' on the Kansas City Royals! It was hot, there were fireworks for the homeruns, and nacho cheez was consumed.

Now I'll be honest with you, I'm not much of a sports fanatic, or fan, or really anything. I don't follow any teams or sports. I don't watch sports on TV, aside from the Olympics and like. It's just not my cuppa. BUT... I lurve to go to games and watch sports live in the stadiums. Almost ANY sport. I used to have season tickets to hockey (minor league Columbus Chill), soccer (major league Columbus Crew), and shared tickets to college baseball (OSU Buckeyes).

Some of the highlights of the night include rooting for a winning team, "gourmet" nachos piled high, a few sips of a friend's beer, tasty-good kettle corn, and the ridicule of a disliked yarn store. (Not to get into it, but four of the seven LYSs in Dallas are undesirable: rude, unfriendly, and over-priced. Harrumph!) But back to the fun - we also received pretty nifty gift bags, full o' goodness, like...

  • Filatura Di Crosa AdHoc Valzer in a gross color like taupe nylons (I really tried to find a link to show you, but no luck)
  • Berroco Plume FX in red (like I need more of this)
  • Trendsetter Yarns Last Ltd in black, red, and platinum
  • Clover size US#17 wood needles
  • a clear notions bag and four needle holders from Bryson (sweet)
  • a coupon to Yarns Ewenique, a Ft. Worth LYS I'd like to try
  • Sublime Stitching Pirates Ahoy!
  • random miscellany and flotsam ads
  • all in a nifty logo bag (wo0t!)

A bit of knitting did go on, but because of the heat and stickiness of it all most of us were working on washcloths save for a few brave souls. I started (and just finished) the most horrific dishcloth ever. It has been likened to a Cheeto-eating clown's vomit. Hmmm, should I gift it? (Ha!)

Anyhoo, it was a lot of fun. We're already discussing how to get The National NeedleArts Association to plan a 'Slap-Stitch' event for a Dallas Stars game. Who's in?!

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