August 30, 2004

Playing Catch Up

All weekend I kept meaning to sit down at the computer and type up some articles. Really I did. But it just didn't happen. Things got in the way or I was tempted by the beauty of the interweb in it's other incarnations (re: blog reads).

So now I'm playing catch up because I do want to share with y'all, my faceless lurkers. (Um, not that you don't have a face. In fact, I'm sure you do. It's just that I'm guessing that I've never seen it. Except, of course, in the cases where I have. Like the SnB gals. And my hubby. And perhaps some other folks that I know, like my family. But hey - I'm getting off topic; and a little paranoid now.)

Just go to the 'read more' and ignore my crazy rant. please?

Well, the weekend started a bit earlier with a rogue knitting affair at the Half Price Books. Oh and what more joy could there be than friends, knitting, chai and cheap books! (Please don't answer. My life is sad enough without that particular list.)

This 'great' pic of me is while knitting the poncho for my niece at the bookstore. It's being knitting in the round, hence the peeping tom quality of the shot. Thanks for the pic, Pamelalala.

I picked out a whole mess of books, but I don't think the Bonez would've been so appreciative. So a few had to stay... for now. Of the books that I did leave with, two are knitting related for me and one is an origami book for Bonez. As part of his birthday week.

Yeah - you read me right. WEEK. In this household, birthdays are celebrated for a whole week. A week's worth of gifts. Special meals and treats all week. A little birthday love for each day of the week. Kind of like day of the week underwear, except we include Sunday and it's not quite as freaky.

We had some friends over on Saturday (hi, Skittermagoo and Brad!) for fun and games. Tasty white chicken chili and chocolate chip cheesecake dip was consumed. And there are now two more converts to the joy that is Settlers of Catan. You're welcome.

And finally the fun came to a crashing halt on Sunday when we began the journey that is d*#t. (Yes, that four-letter word is too evil to write out loud.) For the next two weeks, my moods may be erratic depending on the foodstuffs. But so far, so good. We're eating a lot, it's just a lot of cooking and preparing meals. Now I understand the magic that happened for mothers everywhere in the 70's with the introduction of Hamburger Helper® and other time savers.

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August 25, 2004


I like stuff. You like stuff. Everybody likes stuff. Right? Well, of course! And today's stuff is extra special.

Funny story. I decided that I'm finally ready for Denise needles, so I order them online. Not two hours later I'm talking to my Bonez and he mentions that he ordered me the same Denise needles that morning. Gha?! What a sweetheart. So's I cancel my order and patiently wait for my anniversary interchangeable needles.

Okay, so it might not be a funny story at all. But I got my needles today, so there! And they're pretty darn swell. I played around with 'em a bit and swatched for my niece's poncho on the 11's. [purrrrrrrr] Smooth action.

I'm using Berroco Lullaby in Willy Winky (a purple, blue and green blend that's v. soft and cuddly). The pattern that I'm looking at is the Harlot Poncho. But you see where I've made some yarn-over drops (the lacy, kind of open part)? Well, I kind of like that too and want to incorporate it in the design. Plus, I'm thinking of changing the neckline. So pattern-schmattern, it's only a suggestion.

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August 23, 2004

Happy Birthday, Bonez!

Today is my sweetheart's birthday. Instead of a picture of him from his childhood (I'm too lazy/medicated to scan a pic), I give you what he would look like if he was a South Park character. Ta Da!

Matty Bonez, may all your PEZ dreams and wishes come true.

What? You want to make your S.P. character, too? Then go here.

Now what?! You want to see mine? Okay, here ya' go.

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August 20, 2004

Help -- Movie Suggestions!

Have you seen a good movie? Drop us a comment.


Thanks for all the great suggestions so far, keep 'em coming.

More inside...

(yeah, I know this entry looks weird, but I'm testing the design for nancy's honduras articles.)

So, on the outset, Netflix seems like a great deal. We've been Netflixing for several months - (in fact, you can see our current movie list in the left pane).

Here's the thing. If you are an avid movie watcher (e.g. have no life, like me) you will burn through 6 movies a week. If you're not familiar with Netflix, you build a big honkin' list of movies that you want to see, and they send 'em to you.

This is where you come in. Our list dwindles, and we need some good movie suggestions.

Have you seen any great (or even pretty good) movies lately? Do you have a secret passion for a truly horrible movie? Is there a movie that you watch once a year and want to share with us? Leave a comment to this thread and share your favorites with the world.

You might want to know what sorts of films we like. That doesn't really matter. We like good stuff. It could be comedy, drama, foreign, horror...anything really.

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Happy Mac --- and Matt


One of the items that came back from New Hampshire was a Macintosh SE. Manufactured in 1990, this little computer is made of hearty stock. It's my newest computer project.

This is the first Mac that I've encountered since college (Windows/Unix boy), so I am looking forward to figuring out what exactly to do with it!

I'll be updating this article as work progresses, so check back often.

When Bob asked if I would like an old Mac computer, my ears perked up. (Bob and his wife Jean are related to me through marriage in a confusing way. I prefer to think of them as honorary grandparents. - It's much easier to explain, too!) I had been looking for a new computer project for a while, so once Nancy agreed that I could have another computer (she was won over by it's cuteness), the Mac made the long journey back to Texas. In a moment of insanity, I figured that I would rather carry the Mac instead of shipping it. If you are ever presented with a similar situation, ship it. They get really heavy after a while.

I hope I look as good in 20 years

So, it came home. Along with the Mac came a full set of manuals, software disks and more. My first step was to clean it up. The case cleaned up easily with a mild detergent and an awful lot of paper towels and q-tips. I popped off all of the keys on the keyboard and gave them a full clean. I will say that the keyboard is very well made. Popping the keys off proved to be a formidable challenge.

Shiny, clean and ready to compute

So, now I have a clean computer. The first item of business is back up the files, and get the Mac up on our home network. This seems to be a bit of a catch-22. To install a network adapter, I will need to install software. Since this is the only Mac in the house, I am having to be creative about how to get the software onto the Mac. I haven't played with it too much, but I am playing with some different Windows apps that allow me to write to a Mac formatted disk.

I'm going to continue a running commentary as I learn and work on the computer. Check back for updates.

# # #

Update: August 9, 2004

So I thought that I would update the entry with some more info. The Mac is labeled "Macintosh SE FDHD." The FDHD stands for "Floppy Drive Hard Drive" as this was kind of an upgrade. You know, a computer that had a floppy drive and a hard drive. Crazy.

Also, this Mac has a "SuperDrive" which is a floppy drive that uses those new-fangled 1.44 MB double-density disks. Right now I am having trouble with the drive. It's able to write to the disk, and I am trying some different translator softwares to read the diskette on an XP machine. So there's no data leaving or coming to the Mac yet. I still have sevral options to try yet.

Here are some of the stats frome the mac.
Built in Memory : 4,096K
Total Memory: 8,192K
Hard Drive: 43.1 MB
Created: Sun, June 20, 1993

# # #

Update: August 20, 2004

I won an eBay auction yesterday for an Asante SCSI-Ethernet adapter. Hopefully, with the right drivers, the adapter will be my ticket to the worldwide web.... on a black and white 8-inch screen...

# # #

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August 17, 2004

Fly the Friendly Skies

We just got back from vacation.

Vacation was great. The only issues that we had were at the airports.

Nanc and I used to both travel for work. alot. But time passes, and things change especially the airlines.

This is an open letter to the airlines.

I had some crummy experiences on the airplanes with the vacation this year. Instead of sending mean letters to Delta and American, I thought that it would be more pleasing to send them a link to my open letter.

Dear Airlines,

I know that you've been having some financial trouble since September, 2001. I know that you've been forced to tighten your belts, and are having real trouble turning a profit. It's never fun to have to worry about money. Hopefully you're not having to serve Ramen noodles in the corporate cafeteria.

Don't worry, I have some suggestions on how you can make it better.

I think that your biggest problem is the name. Let go of the past. Air travel used to suggest romantic and exciting travel. I suggest the name Skybus. You might be able to merge with Greyhound. The service and accomodations are identical. ("Would you like to book a skybus or a groundbus today?") By combining the sky and ground, you will be able to leverage more buying power for things like seats, and toilet paper. Buying in bulk will save you money in the long run.

So here's the deal. I know a little about marketing and business (very little), and I would love to help you out. So here are some tips for you. Don't worry, I'm not going to charge you for my advice. These are absolutely free.

Tip 1

Stop alienating your passengers. You've tried that. It doesn't work. That's why you are begging taxpayers to bail your sorry butt out of bankruptcy -again. Try treating your passengers like they pay your paycheck, because they do. You know what... I bet it wouldn't even be bad to give folks a full soda sometimes.

Tip 2

Want to save money? Don't reduce the salaries of your pilots and sky waiters. That makes me feel nervous - and it makes them angry drunks. Instead, take the bonus away from the guy who suggested that you don't give people full cans of soda. Trust me, nobody likes that guy.

Instead, I would focus your restructo beam at the layers and levels of middle-management and useless corporate folks that probably haven't done any work since 1995 (Windows95 with Solitaire). I know, it seems weird to make internal cuts instead of screwing your customer base, but don't worry. It will only sting a little. Besides, it's fairly obvious that the pilots and sky waiters didn't cause the problems that you're having now. I think that you need to look within yourself for the culprit.

Tip 3

Nobody reads the in-flight magazine. Unless it makes money, dump it. I hate SkyMall too, but I am sure that there is are people who want to pay $300 for a limited edition Lord of the Rings chess set. Normally, people with this severe of a head injury aren't allowed to fly, but I have faith.

Tip 4

Become a corporate whore. --- I mean, more of an obvious corporate whore. Some people look at a plane and see an aluminum tube of death and recycled air (yuck). I see a billboard. Sell ad space on the side of the plane.

Tip 5

Give up on the snacks. Nobody likes pretzels. Instead offer real food -and - charge for it. I wouldn't mind paying $10 for a meal on a plane. This serves another purpose of giving the skywaiters something to do during the flights. They really look bored after they get done handing out the pretzels. They just hit the bottle, and talk about their latest pay cuts.

Tip 6

Stop promoting an in-flight caste system. I mean really, most of the people sitting in first-class are frequent flyer upgrades anyway. You wouldn't be losing revenue. Plus think how many normal sized seats you can cram in there! Maybe you wouldn't need to overbook flights anymore. Finally you'd have enough seats. Woo!

Tip 6

Stop blaming all of your problems on September 11. I used to work for a really horrible hotel company and they did the same thing. I'm sure that it caused some problems for a while, but we're going on three years now. Stop blaming all of your problems on others.

Tip 7

Stop trying to get the American public to bail you out. Money won't help you, you'll just waste it... I know you. If you go out of business due to reckless mismanagement, we'll get over it. There are apparently many ways to travel these days.


Good Luck. I hope that you take my advice. Of course, I'm not too interested in air travel anymore (another irate customer). Nanc and I are going to try Amtrak for the next few vacations. What? -- You're absolutely right. It does take longer to get somewhere by train. But, you know what? I don't really care. I'm not in that big of a hurry to go someplace. Half the fun is getting there. Well, unless you get up at 4 a.m. to go wait in a line at the airport, get probed in the name of National Security, wait in another line, try to locate your dignity in the overhead bin... but I digress.

Some of the things that interest me about the trains... You can get a sleeper. It's like having your own mini-mini hotel room. There's a dining car, where you can go and eat food. The trains have regular routes that are easy to understand. The trains have exciting names like California Zephyr and Sunset Limited. How cool is that??

Best Fishes,
Matty Bonez

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August 15, 2004

Crafturday 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yesterday was Crafturday. Crafturday is my favorite day of the week!

What is Crafturday? Well, my child, let me explain. Crafturday is when one gathers with their crafty friends on a Saturday and together they summon the power of the craft. For good, not evil. It's a CRAFTy satURDAY. CRAFTURDAY!

Want to know more? Only those pure of mind and spirit may continue...

Oh... um. Well it seems that they've lifted that restriction. My bad.

The first Crafturday was making beaded stitch markers, needle butts, and miscellany. This Crafturday was spent making unique dress forms with duct tape.

Yep, duct tape.

Following the instructions from here and here, the five of us, Petra, Pamelalala, Kathy, Chris and I, were ready to make some body doubles. First thing you should know if attempting this craft yourselves is that you had better trust, or like, your friends. 'Cause they're taping all over your torso. And that means... BOOBS! [he he... boobs!]

Credit goes to my four friends, because it takes some time to get three layers of duct tape fitted around the human torso. They each held their own during this trying time and didn't freak out during the cutting-out portion.

Note to others: if attempting this yourselves, cut off the t-shirt tag first - it's difficult to cut through. And since it's right at the end of the process, your friend inside the tape is pretty antsy to get out of the getup. Capisce?

Time was tight, so we were only able to make the shells of my friends. I hope that once they have their twins bound back up, hung and stuffed that they'll share. [ooh - sounds freaky] Pics, if not a photo op. Speaking of pics... okay, well there were solemn promises made that what happens in Crafturday, stays in Crafturday. Or some such slogan. All I can say is that it was tons of fun and silliness, good times, and strange chest armor.

Sadly, I did not make a body double of myself. It's not that I don't want a mini-nan about, but my coughing jags would've made it nigh impossible to tape me up. So next time. I promise.

And because I couldn't leave you with any visuals, here's my stash enhancement:

Sweet Tiki, Batman!

We stopped at Yarn Heaven on the way to Petra's house. I picked up some yarn bras* and, well... you guessed it: yarn. The Berroco Lullaby in Willie Winky (4304) is for a poncho for my niece. The other two mondo skeins are Ironstone Yarns New Wool in grape/teak (10) and what I'm calling 'hyperlime' (111). These will be used to make a large felted bag for moi.

And aren't those awesome tiki lights?!

* A "yarn bra" would normally be a bad thing in TX, but this time I'm referring to the four mesh tubes that keep slipery yarns tangle-free.

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August 13, 2004

Where has all the knitting gone?

It's been a long while, but I do have knitting updates for you.

A little bit here, a tad more there... nothing too exciting, but enough to share with y'all.

July was a long knitting dry-spell. I traveled for most of the month and a little knitting came on these trips. In both Honduras and New Hampshire, knitting provided me with a way to wash myself. (Yeah. You read that right: wash myself.) After my washcloth had gone missing from the line, I was able to knit up another to use the next day. (phew!) Luckily, the first washcloth was recovered and returned home to a happy Matt (it was his Badtz-Maru cloth). And in NH, I knit a quick, little [travel-sized] soap sack for us. I was also able to knit a mock-up/water bottle poncho as a model of what my niece can expect for her birthday present.

Pamelalala gave me a sweet [belated, but that's okay] birthday card and some buttons. On the card is a beaded dragonfly - which rocks! And the buttons couldn't be more perfect: two lucky cat buttons and two Smurf buttons, one of which is Angry Smurf. See how perfect these buttons are? They are typical items in my house. Yay!

I've made decent progress on Tricot, spending my days knitting while trying to expel this darn cough. I've got the back and both sleeves completed, and am almost to the last increase in the front. Then it will be on to blocking, sewing, and making that final decision about the zipper. (To zipper, or not to zipper. That is the question.)

And finally because I needed an FO and Tricot was being allusive, I knit an egg roll for my kitties. A quick and easy pattern from the archives of, the egg roll is stuffed with batting and, of course, catnip. And it is indeed meaty enough for our ample cats!

Click on 'em. Aren't my kitties cute.

Tomorrow is Crafturday and I'm so excited that I might have peed a little.

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August 11, 2004

Lurve me tender, baby

It's hard to believe that a mere four years ago, Matty and I stood in front of (an) Elvis in Vegas and got married. Yep, Viva Las Vegas indeed!

It's been great and we're trying to keep our vows to not step on the other's blue suede shoes, be together on Christmas so that it's not blue, and to be each other's teddy bears. U-huh. [visualize the lip curl]

Now give us a little suga', baby.

For those that just need to know... No. We are not huge Elvis fans. In fact, I'm not an Elvis fan at all, really. I don't flinch at his music, but neither do I own any albums/CDs.

Why Elvis then? The fun of it. Oh, and Matty had always 'dreamed' about getting married this way. (Okay, 'dreamed' might be too strong of a word, but he had a better concept than I did.) And it was a hoot!

The location was right: we were in Vegas for a work meeting (we worked together then). The reaction was right: very few people knew that we were dating, let alone thinking about marriage. He he - our coworker's expressions were priceless!

Oh, and because we were in love. (And still are, Thank You v. much.) More than that, we really like each other, too. And we are firm believers that to make a relationship work, you should like (and respect) your partner. Love is flighty, but like is solid.

Simply stated, Matt and I "get" each other. AND still like each other. It's all good.

Thanks, pard'ner.

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August 04, 2004


Don't fret, Nancy will be updating soon. She's been out with a cold for a few days and hasn't been feeling like writing anything. In case you were wondering, her throat hurts, she has a fever, and she coughs an awful lot. Sick, sick, sick. She is eating chicken noodle soup, juice and cough drops. I expect that she will be up and around very soon.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

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August 03, 2004

General Housekeeping

We're back from our vacation in New England, and had lots of fun, and even more cool stuff to write about in the coming weeks.

You should look forward to a range of stories/entries/articles (whatever) about black bears on scooters, grabbing the brass ring, airline travel and more.

On an unrelated note, when we got home, there were approximately 300 comments on various articles which normally would be cool, but most of them were from the evil porno spambots (from the planet concubine!). At any rate, when you leave comments now, you need to also key in a security code that is displayed in the comment area. This ensures that the messages are left by people and not bots.

Look for new content as early as--- umm... well, soon!

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