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A ham for all seasons

by Nanc filed under recipes on January 2, 2004 11:01 AM

Many of the folk I know wax poetic about having a big, juicy stuffed turkey for Christmas dinner. But for me, it's always seemed like we've just finished the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers and I'm ready for something different.

This year I conceeded to the ham request and I was justly rewarded.

If you've never tried it (and you eat pork), check out Honey Baked Ham. This delicious hunk of salty and sweet meat goodness made my holidays brighter. A lot less time spent in the kitchen Christmas morn', and tasty dinners, sandwiches and a soup that kicks butt as added bonus.

I was amazed at how well HBH had the holiday meals covered. They're not just about the pig, ya' know - turkeys too. I didn't go in for any of the side dishes (they might be great, I just don't know), but I did pick up a package of their split pea soup mix. It was mighty fine soup, my friends.

Please note that this is not a paid advertisement for HBH. I'm just a friend that has found it mighty tasty. And it probably saved my sanity a bit this Christmas.

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