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There's more than just baby going on around here. There's baby knits, too.


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Here, have mine...


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Catchy title, eh?

In trade for our healthy baby, my OB received a knitted uterus. Fair trade, right?


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I understand why this item of clothing is called a "shrug", but this term doesn't really do the piece justice. "Shrug" sounds so uncouth and rough. It conjures up more of the disdainful or uncaring gesture than a comfy garment.

So… I knit a shrug. And for the most part, I like it. (I chose the wrong size – too big, but I can live with this.)


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Now don't you feel special? Two memes, one post. Could you ask for any more insubstantial blather?


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Well, not about my bebeh. Just knitting. For another baby.


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We have this friend (A.Peach) who nearly constantly knits for others. To the point where we have tried arm wrestling her and forcing her declare "selfish knitting" years. Yeah, that didn't go over as well as we'd hoped and A.Peach continued to turn out hand knit socks for others.

(Oh, she'd proclaim that she had knit for herself, but the end-of-year tally would be tipped to one side. Not the A.Peach side.)


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Thank you, all, for your wonderful words of encouragement and congratulations. We'll keep y'all in the loop as this all develops. (I was going to say 'unravels', but that seems kind of icky.)

So, bebeh making is not the only thing going on here.


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I'm alive
I'm dead
I'm the stranger
Killing an Arab

--- The Cure, Boys Don't Cry


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I'm not certain what I'm doing up at this unholy (to me) hour, but I'm awake enough to be excited. I'm going to Maryland. Specifically, to the MD Sheep & Wool Festival!

Chris is my traveling companion, and this is our 3rd year attending.

Matt is so very kind and handsome, and is driving me to Chris', who will drive us both to the airport.

Again, let me state that I am excited (and being off work may have something to do with it).

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Okay, I purposefully misspelled squee just to make a clever. (One "u" or two, what the big whoop?) It's not the first time I've done this, and probably not the last.


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'Cause a sock for the Nintendo Wii® would be ridiculous, right?


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Now that I've cleared my knitting past, I can post something a bit more up to date. True, these projects aren't exactly today, but they're recent enough for me.


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Looking back, there have been some significant knits that, although completed and enjoyed by their recipients, I never blogged. These projects were all knit in 2007, most in the later part of the year, ta' boot. But still, that's no excuse.

(Long and picture heavy post.)


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There may be a plethora of lyric versions for this anthem of the great white north, but I have just two socks named for it. (Although each is a bit different by accident.)

I finished my first pair of socks for the year! Never mind that I made the first sock back in June.


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Okay, so the title doesn't invoke excitement or make one want to read this post, but I promise that the pictures are worth it (for knitters, at least). Come see what my washing entails.


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I know that should read "and the hole in which I fell down", but who wants to read all that. So, pbtthhhh to that and let's move on.

A little planning goes a long way. And it can be thrown out the proverbial window in a moment's notice.

There is controversy, confusion, and upheaval for me around Socktoberfest and what socks I should knit. How will this end?


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Before we get all immersed in Socktoberfest, let me clear the air a bit with some finished socks. Yes, that's right. F.O.s!


Spurred on by Socktoberfest and encouraged by my gargoyle buddy, I was compelled today to wear handknit socks.

Never mind that it is supposed to be 91° today. (Did I mention that fall is only an idea, a state of mind, in TX?)

I'm wearing my Mega Boots socks and lovin' it! (Thank goodness for office A/C.)

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In Texas, we don’t really say goodbye to the heat of summer so much as the idea of pool parties, water restrictions, and constantly staying in the air-conditioned indoors. The concept of fall in all its leaf-raking, crisp-morning notions wakes us up out of our hammock-napping haze and gets us to enjoy the slight change of weather. (Shorter sunlight hours = lesser heat-of-the-day moments.)

The onset of fall also nudges my inner knitter out of it’s a-row-here-a-row-there stupor and gets my wool-juices flowing. (That is not what I meant!)


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A couple of my projects just aren't cutting it. Frogging these WIPs is a step in owning my knitting, showing it who's boss, and being The Knitter. (Like the Decider, but less... stupid.)

This post is a continuation of my WIP and SIP articles, where I'm regaining control over my knitting.


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Yeah, that's right. SIPs - Socks In Progress! Makes sense, no?

You read the first part of my WIP story here. Now you can read about that special category which becomes an obsession with most knitters - Socks!


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You must WIP it!

Yes, I am mis-using and abusing this wonderful song so that I can tell you about my WIPs (works in progress). Learn how I will whip them into shape, shape 'em up, knit straight, go forward, move ahead, try to detect it (dropped stitches?), it's not too late, to whip my WIPs!

Whip it good.


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The relay "baton" (actually a box) came and went earlier this week. I don't know how ahead we are, but I'm sure that I beat my own record.

What relay was this? Did Nanc actually run* somewhere?

Nope. It was the Dish Rag Tag that I participated in, and woo-boy - this is gonna be a close heat!

* Did you see a bear? Yeah, neither did I.


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Not that anyone is coming around much since the posts have dried up. (Apparently there's been either a mental or a time drought in these parts.)

But just in case you did stop by for a looksie or this was picked up in your Bloglines, know that there is no knitting content. None. Only a lackluster explanation of why there is no knitting. (Sad, really. Pathetic.)

Read on only if you want to pity me or listen to my whimpers (or, more likely, kick me in the caboose and tell me to get real).


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Did I leave you to believe my next post would be anytime soon? Ha!

Between Ravelry and Flickr, taking pictures of my stash (to upload to Ravelry via Flickr), somewhat surprise guests, and not a lot of wanna-be-on-the-computer time, this doesn’t make for very frequent posts. In fact, if it weren’t for my boredom at werk, I doubt that I’d be posting at all.


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Chris (aka Skittermagoo) and I flew up to MD a little early. I have family to visit and she had friends.

The following is our account of those days.


Okay, so I was back from Maryland earlier this week. But give me a break. I've been busy, I've been sick, and I'm celebrating a birthday. Things are getting crazy around here.

And, oh! The things I have to show you...


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No need for me to paste the lyrics here, right? Y'all know this song well enough without my prodding.


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There’s a countdown going on here. As of this Sunday (4/22), there are only 12 more days before the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival (MSWF). And only 9 days before C. and I fly out to Baltimore.


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Sock that is. Tiny and cute and such a happy lil’ thing. I made mine and sent it. (Although I admit, a little belatedly.)


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No, really. We (knitters) had a decent turn out in our section, the Stars won, and I saw a lot of knitting going on. Well, at least a fair amount of yarn and needles; who knows how many stitches got made. Keep reading for more of my account.


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I've been working on a pair of socks for my mother. (yeah, "aww" and "sweet" -- I know, I know.) I've just started the second sock, but thought I'd share some progress pics with y'all.


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Matt's Den socks are all about taking it to the limit. The yardage limit, my commitment limits, and just past the age limit.


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Knitting bees not your thing? Do you like a little action with your knits and purls? Do you need a cold environment to show off your rarely-worn winter knits in North Texas?

Then hurry up and get your tickets to Slap Stitch and watch some Dallas Stars hockey!


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Will you be my Valentine? Gung Hei Faat Choi and Happy (Chinese) New Year too all y'all pigs out there! Hip hip, hooray for previous presidents! Woohoo -- gluttony today, then guilt tomorrow!

But most of all.... happy Knit Force 9 slumber party! [squee]


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I finished another pair of socks, plus I've taken inventory of my sock stash. It's all good!


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Eating our dinner in the den/TV room isn't all that new and wonderful, we do this all the time. But yesterday our den got a bit of an upgrade, which makes it special.

Yes, we do have a dining room and table, but we've gotten into the bad habit of watching TV while eating. Maybe this will change some day.


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This is no fairytale, happily-ever-after story of love lost and found. No lessons learned, no changing of ways or ideas. No informative story or dark fable to be found here.

Nope, just what I bought at a yarn sale.


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Well, the yarn is; Sirdar Breeze, that is. And my contribution to it was pretty much a breeze: simply knit a few (four) squares. But I know that Good Girl Purl had a bit more in store for her part.


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Ah, these are the good times. The bright winter sun stretches long into my back. The shadows make art of everything.


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Perhaps I should save this for the "Weird Things About Me" meme, but I've just got to say it: I'm stubborn. Horribly stubborn. Like 'I will always win at chicken' stubborn, despite what injuries may occur. (I don't believe that I'm stubborn when it comes to reasoning and logic and getting along with other people, but I could be fooling myself.)

I am stubborn about my knitting, though. Like when I should just stop knitting and look for a solution or a different project, instead I carry on.


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It's good to have friends. Even better to have knit friends that will help you cut your knitting with sharp, pointy scissors.

So this is the story of my Melody shawl...


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Wow - the new year came and went pretty darn quick. And it's not like I've been super busy with parties like some of you. We've just... been. You know, here and there, existing -- doing "stuff."

But I did finally get to washing and blocking my final FOs from last year.


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What is the one thing almost every knitter responds with when asked in a meme "what would you rather be doing" or "if you could be anywhere, where would you be?" That's right. "Snuggled up in a comfy chair in front of a fire (in a fireplace) knitting." Would you invite a friend over if you could?


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Hmm, this almost sounds like it could be a drink. But it's not. Nope. It's a finished object (FO), specifically a pair of socks!


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That's what it was like knitting this quickie project last week. I put the knitting metal (needles) together to get this petal (flower bib) in no time flat. (That kind of makes sense, right?)


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(fěch-ĭng) - adjective: very attractive, charming, captivating. a fetching new hairstyle

No new hairstyle, captivated or not. But a nice pair of wrist warmers!


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Although I haven't let this go for as long as I normally do, I did promise to show you pictures of what I picked up at Kid 'N Ewe.

Gratuitous pictures of yarn prØn follows:


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How quickly the month of NOROvember came and went. I had grand plans for this month to knit a whole sweater (baby sweater, but still). Alas and alack, I didn't even cast on for this until yesterday, the last of NOROvember.


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Okay, the title may be a bit of a stumper at first, but it boils down to the fact that despite all the glorious knitting that was going on in last night's episode, 'Gilmore Girls' has jumped the shark. Actually, it did this a while ago (imho), but others disagree.

But I digress. This is not what I came here to talk about. (Obviously I still watch the show in the dear hope that the writers find their sweet spot again. They haven't.) Last night's episode featured knitting. A LOT of knitting! And that's what I'm gonna blather on about...


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Sweet cheese and corn tamales, Mabel! Kid 'n Ewe was a whole lotta fun!


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The wise and oft silly Stalker Angie came up with a knitters version of East Bound and Down from Smokey & The Bandit.

Couldn't you just imagine that convoy? Kid 'N Ewe 'n knitters, too - here we come!


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This past month has sped by at an alarming rate, and I'm not quite sure if I remember all of it. There were ups and downs, changes in logic, and gob-smacked moments. I'm happy for where we have ended up, but- my-lands -that was a bumpy ride!

So we finish up SOCKtoBEER with not a single completed pair of socks, and look forward to better knitting juju in NOROvember.


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sorry for the delay posting this...

What a great event! I met gaggles of fun Texan knitters, ate and drank merrily, and enriched my yarn stash! Hoo-boy-howdy, that Stalker Angie can throw some good shindig, y'all.


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There is a lot of schtufph (I can never just say "stuff", sorry but I find it more amusing this way) going on here. My weekends and nights are starting to fill up with plans and projects quicker than I can shake a niddy-noddy at. (Just 'cause I like saying that, too.)

I'm sure that we will share more information as it becomes not so terrifying and gob-smacking and in the 'read more' section I talk about all the knit-related schtufph going on, but real quick-like I wanted to let y'all know that we, the Bonez and myself (plus cats), have bought a house. (Not that the cats were involved in the house-hunting, decision making, or funding, but - you know.) Crazy, no?!

Anyhoo, continue on for knit schtufph.


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I love this time of year. The weather doesn't really cool down much here so I don't get that "crisp fall air" thing, but I do enjoy the back-to-school vibe and I do luv me some Halloweeniness. Add some beers and an Oompa band (i.e., Oktoberfest) to the mix, and I'm yours.

But this? This here is Socktoberfest 'round these parts (i.e., my home and circle of friends). Thanks to Lolly, you can be treated to read about my sock knittin' history.

Exciting, no?


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Wha? What kind of title is "ketchup" anyhoo? Well, let me blather on explain.

Despite the lack of blogging and sharing knits as they happen, I've been keeping quiet. Really, nothing crazy or fancy or whatnot is going on. Simply, I haven't been knit-blogging about much. But I have been knitting. Some.

In an effort to show what I have knit and finished (FOs - hurrah!), what I'm currently knitting, and what I hope/plan/want to be knitting soon - I decided to post this here catch-up post.

The term "catch-up" reminds me of "catsup" which is another term for "ketchup." And my joking dad used to play with the words and intermingle them. (I'm sure he also referred to "catch-up" as "catsup" during my youth, the silly man that he is.)

So read on for my catsup catch-up.


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Howdy, y'all! Guess what? (guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat!) The results are in from the fair judges and.... {drum roll please}
my socks took 2nd place!



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While down at Fair Park this weekend dropping off the socks, we decided to spend a little time and enjoy the scenery. Although there wasn't a lot of walking to be had, I'm going to ask to have it count as part of my Trek Along.

Please note: I truly had intentions of taking a good and long hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire wearing my Trekking socks. Unfortunately, those vacation plans were cancelled, and I find myself still in Texas and incredibly warm. All outside excursions are limited to travel to/from car, mailbox, and other air conditioned buildings. Occasionally mowing the lawn. The heat has also affected my knitting production (like many others), and neither Matt's nor my Trekking socks are done. Yet.


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"Oh, what a beautiful day for the fair," said the brightly colored pair of socks. "I wonder what we'll see."

If it sounds like I might have lost IT and am a bit more loony that usual, well you might be right. But it won't stop those socks from telling their story. Nothing will stop the socks.


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Was it sun sickness? Heat exhaustion? Solar flares? What caused me to go bonkers and buy more yarn? Heck, I even admitted to Bonez the other day that "Boy, I sure have a lot of yarn."

Some of the thoughts that were going through my mind at the time: Do I have *enough*? Is there ever "enough?" How will I knit it all? Man, I've gotta get it all knit up! Especially if I wanna buy some of that SeaSilk. Of course, I was under a large pile of yarn trying to reorganize and pack up my stash so that it didn't completely consume the house.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 04-Aug Comments(6)

Last Sunday (yeah, I'm *that* behind with my posts), a couple 200 knitters showed up to watch the Rangers play ball and get their knit on. (The knitters, not the Texas Rangers. Although I would've liked to see them try to knit. But I'm odd like that.)

Was it a coincidence, a fluke? Was some evil scrapbooking villain controlling our collective yarn minds? Does 'America's favorite past time' hold the secret to yarn-overs and cabling?

While all really... well, STOOPID questions; No. It was the fabulous Stitch n' Pitch day at the Texas Rangers game!

Yep, you heard me right. And it was fun, ta' boot!


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Ha. I asked Bonez to move a couple o' pix from the camera to our site so that I could blather on about my knitting... again. He kindly did so and had saved the pics under the title you see above. Heck, who was I to argue. I couldn't come up with anything better, so there it is. A nondescript yet correct title. Wo0t.

(Thanks, sug'. I lurve u.)

Okay, really this is about me knitting. It's a lot slower than it was when I was unemployed, er... "between contracts", but I still crank out knitted objects, albeit slowly.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 26-Jun Comments(6)

I have neither fell off the face of our earth, nor become so famous and wealthy that I can vacation in my own, secluded retreat (be it island or cabin) without internet access. Although I can still dream. (About the later.)

Nope. Just stuff. Not a lot to report or show, but at least this keeps me honest.


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There was a bit of drama with my Dye-O-Rama yarn. See, I thought that I had mastered the Kool-Aid and could move up to Wilton's icing dyes. Oh, how wrong I was...

Also, I receive my yarn and it's terribly... exciting!


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A few clowns short of a circus.

Mad as a monkey on a trike.

A kangaroo loose in the top paddock.

And other euphemisms for being slightly crazy. (I especially like the third one from the bottom: Knitting with only one needle. How apropos!)

I've got another pair of socks knitted up, but there's something a little off about them. Hmmmm....


by Nanc permanent link to article on 02-Jun Comments(11)

Not too long ago, Purling Pirate counted and figured out how many pairs of socks she could make from her sock stash. Heck, she's even got a counter on her site to keep her honest. (And, oh-my! how it's grown lately!)

At one point, I thought that I had scooped her lead (especially after my haul from MSWF). But no. Not even close, really.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 28-May Comments(7)

First, let me give a big ol' shout out to the Squid and wish him a happy first birthday! There was party and cake and tons of gifties for the big boy. And for a moment, all was right with the world.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 22-May Comments(4)

Not only do I have a belated 'Thank you' to offer up, but hidden deep in the dark recesses of my shame is an even more belated (belated-er?) 'Thanks'. And really, it's all getting a little cluttered in my psyche so I'm thanking them all in one fell swoop.

Prepare to be swooped!


by Nanc permanent link to article on 10-May Comments(9)

And I've got the ball cap to prove it!

Chris, Petra (aka Good Girl Purl), and I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this past weekend. We had a hoot, many laughs, and lots of wool. Come check it out!


by Nanc permanent link to article on 09-May Comments(4)

I band-wagoned (this can be used as a verb, yes?) and joined the Dye-O-Rama swap. As part of this and to help my pal figure a good color and scheme for me, I've got a meme for y'all. No, you don't HAVE to read it. No one's forcing you, right?


by Nanc permanent link to article on 02-May Comments(13)

Phew! I finally got them done, and just in the nick of time. I knit up half the foot, the toe, and sealed it all with a Kitchener stitch late last night!

Please say 'Hello' to my leetle sock friends...


by Nanc permanent link to article on 28-Apr Comments(4)

Yeah, I was nerdy like this is school, too. I didn't cheat, only took credit for what I did well, and went for the extra credit. So I have no one to blame, but myself for this.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 27-Apr Comments(7)

It was one of those mixed up days, where the sun didn't know what was going on. It was sunny enough to make you squint, but not enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. I wanted an omelet, but it just wasn't in the cards.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 24-Apr Comments(6)

Can you believe it? I know I can't. I actually have one of the SockapalOOOza socks done!

Sure, sure - one sock doesn't make a pair, and my pal would probably not be too happy with a do-it-yourself kit. I understand, but stop raining on my parade, man. Just enjoy the sock that is.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 05-Apr Comments(8)

While Matt was tweaking the formatting and coding the special new photo bar, I was knitting. Not surprising, eh? I completed one pair of socks and started my SockapalOOOza socks.

Come on inside and see what's going on.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 21-Mar Comments(7)

This is about the first stages of SockapalOOOza. Not to be confused with this site's stages of redesign and build. But there are some similarities between the two.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 20-Mar Comments(3)

The following may or may not be an inspirational story to you. This is my story from this past weekend. All events are factual, or at least true from my point of view and exaggeration was kept to a minimum. No hand knits were harmed in these events, or in the retelling of this story.

This weekend I took the basic motorcycle course (and passed - wo0t!). This is something that I've wanted to do for a long time and had put off for no good reasons. I finally said "Enough" and went for it. No regrets.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 17-Mar Comments(2)

I've decided to "come clean" with you - the internets. I feel that it is time for me to shed this coat of deceit and bask in the glory of honesty, at least for one moment in time. I don't know if you will praise me for my bravery or despise me for my weakness. But this step is for me, not you. (So get over yourselves.)


by Nanc permanent link to article on 16-Mar Comments(2)

Before Benny and family arrived for the great-fun-yet-too-short visit, I decided that Benny needed a robot. I mean, what if he took fancy to Matt's robot Bruce and wanted, no... NEEDED to take him home? In order to plan for such an event (and 'cause they're fun to knit), I quickly (relatively) knitted a new 'bot.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 08-Mar Comments(7)

It's been a bit quiet around these parts, but know that this is only an illusion. A lot's been going on, just nothing all that blog-worthy. My knitting time (and knitting abilities) have been sporadic lately, which leaves a kind of funny taste in ones mouth. Like something is amiss.

So as not to bore y'all to death, there are fotos in the 'Read More' section, but only of single, unfinished-pairs of socks. Sad, no?


by Nanc permanent link to article on 21-Feb Comments(9)

If there seemed to be a weird delay between when Matt posted about his love for me in the form of a configurator-a-tron and now, well it's just that. Weird. That, or procrastination. Whatever it is, it is not for lack of returned love.

Click 'Read More' to learn about Matt's new robot.


by Matty permanent link to article on 13-Feb Comments(6)

So, it's not quite Valentine's Day as I write this, but I have to be tricky about these things. You see, until she sees it here, she won't know...

There's a little bit of back story here. Nanc has been working on knitting a robot for me, based on a book that she got from jess hutch crafts.

The trick with it is picking out colors. It's hard to tell what makes a robot look sweet, and what colors are lame. So, for Valentine's for my dw, I humbly present the robot configurator-a-tron.

Small print: I put this together in my free time. It should work in most modern browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla). I can't say for sure it will work for you. Hey --- besides, it's not for you anyway! [grin].

Happy Valentine's Day, Nanc
Love, Bonez.

by Nanc permanent link to article on 24-Jan Comments(4)

What's that all about? Sockapaloooza, of course! Have YOU signed up yet?
Sockapaloooza III: The Wrath of Sock!
Sockapalooza 3D: Return of the Gusset

(Hee - play with the name a little. It's kind of fun!)

Updated with more sock news! Check the 'Read More' section.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 09-Jan Comments(5)

Okay, not truly infinity. But at times, it felt like it.

Yes! The Dr. Who scarf is complete! Done. Finito. Nada mas. And I'm not even saying that like the knitting part is done, but seamin'* and blockin' still has to happen. I mean that it is ALL DONE... (well, except for mailing it off to my bro).

* Lilyan and Aubyn? That was especially for you!


by Nanc permanent link to article on 29-Dec Comments(3)

During this holiday break, I thought it might be a good idea to catch up on some of my stories that never did make it out in blogland. This one is from our Thanksgiving trip to Baltimore. You may remember some of our adventures from here and here.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 27-Nov Comments(4)

You know that saying, "cold hands, warm heart?" So what is the opposite of that? Warm hands, cold heart? No heart? Freakishly-hot, furnance heart? Without insinuating that Matty Bonez is heartless or even the slightest bit mean, he does have warm hands. Or at least he does now.

There's been a bit of knitting this past week. And in case you didn't know, there's some difference in tempuratures between Dallas and Baltimore. Yes, indeed. Learn something new every day, eh?


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Well, it seems to be all socks all the time around here. I have a lot of sock-irons in the knitting-fire, or so it seems. And ya' know... I'm good with that. (Despite having non-sock projects crying for attention!)


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It may appear that from the lack of posting and perhaps because of my latest project that I haven't been knitting. Or worse, fell off the earth! (Eep.) But those assumptions would be wrong.

Not only am I firmly ensconced on this here planet, but I have indeed been knitting. But low, not on the project I *should* be knitting. Oh, woe.


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Phew. Another week (plus some) has gone by and where am I on my progress? Well, I've made an effort. That's gotta count for somethin', eh?

more inches - yay!
less yarn (trust me)

And for those Walter fans out there, here's a couple treats for you: like father, like son and kittens + yarn = trouble. Enjoy!

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Interweb friends, I have a confession to make. It seems that I have been holding out on showing you sock fotos. I know - shocking! I guess I was waiting for one thing or another before I did the whole photo shoot and post. But wait no more!

This is a foto-laden post, so be careful. I wouldn't want anyone to hurt themselves.


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to knit

This is the start of... the decline of civilization? ... my madness? ... a project that ends in tears and disapointment? ... nope, my holiday knitting! (Boy, do I hope that all those other guesses are just plain wrong.)

To encourage myself ('cause man - I've got some tight deadlines) and to show y'all that I AM knitting, I will be posting my progress each week. This will be shown using two images, section knitted and yarn remaining, and the progress amount (inches referred to in the title). I'm playing by the KISS rules.

And just so you know... The yarn is KnitPicks Wool of the Andes on size US#7 needles (straight). 60 stitches/garter stitch (knit 'em all!).

I don't believe the recipient much/ever reads our site, but if he does he can only be happy by what he sees. And if you know who and what I'm talking about, please don't alert him to this or reading our blog. Thanks.

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Well actually, there was a whole lotta fun, but the afternoon was about little things. Namely, wee tiny sweaters!


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jams_2.jpg Part of this healthy breakfast!

Can you say "YUM?" Just imagine... (but don't close your eyes, 'cause then you couldn't read this next bit)... warm toasted English muffins, a light schmear of butter (yes, REAL butter!), it's nooks and crannies filled with 'Purple Raspberry and Peach' or 'Cantaloupe and Apricot' jams. The burst of flavor! The contrast of crunchy muffin and liquid sweet! As your teeth sink into the warm jam... er, ...

Sorry. I think that if I kept going we'd get the wrong kind of crowds here, and nobody wants that. Sticky jam indeed!

These two tasty jams were homemade by Miriam, my Secret Pal (5) and gifted to lil' ol' me some time ago. Yeah, I need to post about it, but I'm too busy sinking teeth into jam! They are OMG-tasty. And really quite beautiful - the colors.

Damn. And now I'm hungry. You don't suppose... naw, I'd end up trying to lick tasty jam goodness off the keyboard, and that's never the impression you wanna make at work!

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Rip! And I think that Schopenhauer was right.

Man, I lurve me some Pal Joey. This is one of those good films/musicals which my father and I share a joy of. As I sat ripping unfinished objects (UFOs) last night, I kept singing this Rita Hayworth song in my head.

Weep... Netflix doesn't have "Pal Joey" to rent! And I'm sure that I've thrown out my Rita Hayworth music tape ('member those?!). Well, damn.


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Although a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, I'm not gonna press my luck. I've got three pix for y'all!


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Rrripppp! Until we meet again.

You commenters were right. Ripping the purse was the right thing to do. So here, my friends, is the remains of the bag. I knit-picked (ha!) at it most of today to figure out all those end and wound the balls. NOW I'll let it sit and ponder it's existence before I rework the pattern.

Also in news today: 'Beef & Lentils" - not tasty. Ucky, in fact. This will become fodder for the humor of our future. They will use the term "Beef & Lentils" in a way that our children's children (and yours, too) will know that it wasn't good.

In an effort to save money and time (mostly time) and to use my kitchen gadgets on a regular basis, I've decided to try a new crock-pot/slow cooker recipe once a week. The tasty bits will make it into our online recipe collection. The losers will be publicly mocked. (I was really hoping to slide past any losers. Oh, well.) This doesn't seem to be a good start.

Beef & Lentils. What was I thinking?!

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For the love of all that good and holey*, WHY?!

Let me state for the record that I am not a pattern-reader. Oh sure, I know how to read a pattern and follow directions just fine. But I do not possess the talent to simply read some knitting gibberish and innately understand how each stitch works with the others to create the final product. I cannot fathom that finished object without a clever picture or sketch.

And while we're at it, I really like my instructions to ... well, instruct. Give me directions. Tell me when to do what and how. If a certain method of casting on, binding off, or seaming gave you the style shown (IF SHOWN!), then for monkeys' sake tell us!

All that? Just to prepare you for a sad realization that knocked me for a loop this afternoon.

*In the knitting world, it seems that "holey" would have more influence than "holy" (not that there's anything wrong with that).


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I've got an FO, and that makes me happy!


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Okay, so this really isn't about more UFOs and the such. But it is about knitting and procrastination on finishing anything. Actually its about fun.

Skitter may have mentioned it already, but recently we had a mini-Crafturday and did some bead-work.

What does this mean to a knitter? Stitch Markers, of course!


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As if that first behemoth of a list wasn't enough, I've got more. Did you notice something missing from that list? A genre of knitting. That one type of project that turns a mild mannered knitter into a maniac.

Yep, that's right. This here is my SOCK WIPs!


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Okay. So there is some knitting that has occurred 'en mi casa'. A stitch here and there to while away the time. But the progress is slow and not too exciting.

Which is just the reason (as if we needed any) that our buddy Vannakin will show off these FOs, UFOs, and WIPs*! That ought'ta get the place jumpin'!

Just so ya' know, this is an image and link laden post. Carry on.

Finished Objects, Un-Finished Objects, and Works-In-Progress


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I'm a little late in reporting this to the internets in general, but I got a happy joyful package in the mail last week from my secret pal. (In case you missed it, I'm taking part in Secret Pal 5. There's even a button:)

kathy2.jpeg

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In these days of temps over 100 degrees (that's Fahrenheit for y'all to the North), you thirst for something refreshing and light. It's too hot to anything really, but sit around with your feet up, fan yourself, and sip on a tall, cool glass of limeade.


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Matty came home to me and the sock, Citrus2. We (yes, the sock and I) met him at the airport and flung, well... made our way to greet him with a warm embrace. (No, you do not need to know more than that. And no, the sock really wasn't involved in this part. But I'm just lettin' y'all know that Bonez was more-than-warmly welcomed home. 'nuf said.)

But like most socks, waiting for planes to arrive, people to deplane, and luggage to arrive makes for a lot of waiting. And waiting. How do you keep a sock from being bored? Ah, the adventures of a young sock.


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Isn't it just swell? I mean, gosh-golly, the Clapotis was finished weeks ago and I'm just now getting around to posting pix. Sheesh - I can be so square sometimes.


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This weekend provided me with gobs of time to work on my socks. (I'm certain that "gob" is the accurate and scientific unit of measurement for time, although I'm unclear how many 'gobs' I had/used/spent.) My mood was anything but pleasant on Saturday, so I took myself out of the populous (for their own good) and only tortured Bonez. That, and it was too hot to even consider looking outside, let alone baring my pale flesh to the sun's scorching rays.


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It may be an omen of things to come or simply an auspicious sign of my knitting future, but after this post I started not one, but TWO socks! What was that? Did some start chanting "the sky is falling, the sky is falling?"


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Or perhaps you know me?

I've joined in on the fun that is Secret Pal 5 and have recently been "introduced" to my pal. It's a bit spooky to think of a complete stranger lurking about your site for the sole purpose of knowing you better. Sniffing in the garbage articles and investigating into the sultry archives. And you worry: Did she understand the underlying humor of that one post? Will she read too much into that one joke? Will I be penalized (he he) for any of Matty's posts?!

To satisfy my secret pal's need for information and, well honestly - because it's a required part of the whole SP5 rules, the Read More portion of this post is brought to you by the letter "I."


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My apologies to any and all that might read our site. No tragedy struck our lives (besides the fish, but more on that later), I am simply working way too much. ("Too much" is determined by the work/fun ratio, and these scales have definitely been tipped lately.) Let's just forget this bit of disappointment and go on, m'kay?

Two great things about knitting squares: first, they're a fairly quick knit, and second, even if they're not precisely L7 (um, like square) seaming a bunch into a large blanket will fix that problem fast.

Or so I hope.


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Yes, there is knitting content - finally! Does anyone else feel like all knitting projects are going in slow motion while the rest of your life is speeding up?

'scuse me - you've got a little somethin' on your foot

As a favor for Bonez (a kiss up, er .. favor to his boss), I knit this Rio cozy in boss' preference: UNC Tarheels. No, I don't know (or wanna know) what or why they are the tarheels. I just knit what I'm told* and go on.

* No, I don't really do what I'm told, knitting or otherwise. And Matt was v. humble when asking if I would knit this for his boss-man. It's a quick knit and I had the right colored yarn, so it wasn't a big deal. But hopefully it'll make Mr. Boss happy, and in turn make a happy Bonez. That would be good.


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Do you think there are a limited number of puns and play on words that we knit-bloggers can use when discussing socks, the Clap(otis), or a variety of projects? And after the first few times they're read on the web, they just become old and pained. Like jokes your (or at least my) Dad tells?

Anywho... my first pair of knitted socks is DONE. Hallelujah! (And yes, there IS much rejoicing for this feat... Pun intended.)


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This past Sunday (13March2005) celebrated the one year birthday of our Dallas Stitch 'N Bitch group! Yay! Oh, sure - SnB is still a baby, but there are less of the sleepless nights and midnight feedings. Or not.

candles, but no fire

So a big ol' Happy Birthday to our group; and a cupcake for us all! (You KNOW that there had to be cupcakes.) The cupcakes were lovingly made by C (Devil's Food w/ white icing and sprinkles), me (yellow cake w/ chocolate icing and fresh strawberries), and someone at a bakery for La (not shown). La did bake some great cupcakes but disaster struck before they could be delivered, so she did the next best thing - bought them. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of them, but they looked good!


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There has been much joshing and joking about how the Clap, er... Clapotis (pronounced Clap-pO-tEE) sounds like a venereal disease. Well, it may not be a virus, but I swear that it's contagious! Most knitters I know have either made it, are knitting it as we "speak", or have plans for making one in the future. We all seem to be looking at yarn in a different way - determining if it'll make a good Clap or not.


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pink stripped goodness!

Well I do! (Please note that 'sock' is singular, in contrast to the more popular 'socks'.)

A new and amazing thing happened over the weekend here: a sock was born! See. There to the left. That sock? Yeah, I made that. [said with chest puffed out and proud]


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is this a good luck sign?

I've done some more thrifting for reusable sweaters/yarn. During a day-trip out with the girls, I scored a mixed bag of winners: some sweaters to rip for the yarn and a felting project. Plus a bonus cardigan, originally bought to rip - I like it how it is and don't think that I could do the yarn any better justice.

First though, I must remark on the amount of fun we had that day. Oh, the tears of laughter that rolled. Over coffee, grand schemes were made involving a 'lifted' golf cart and crazy capers - hillarity insued. We dined at VietNam-the restaurant, outside of which is where I spied the pegasus, before heading out to the thrift. No knitting mice were found (which seems odd - did someone buy them all up? Is there someone else with a room full of skilled creatures knitting? Eep.), but good times were had by all. Or at least by me.

'Read More' for the rest of this article.


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More hats. Well, one more. For my MIL, Sue.

Let me preface this by stating that she picked out the colors; apparently it's a society thing. And I thought that it would burn my retinas to knit it, but it wasn't so bad. In fact, it was kind of nice and fun.


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How easy Weezer makes it sound. Simply hold the thread as he walks away. Easy-peasy, no? No. It is not that easy to destroy a sweater. (And was he wearing a large, one-piece sweater and nothing else? Unravel the one garment and he's naked on the floor? Phppt.)

But it's not too difficult, either. Cut a few seam threads, tug here, tug there, and finally - you have a pile of something that was previously something whole. Yay.

Warning: This article is pic-laden, and may take a while on slow systems. Upgrade to DSL alreay. You have been forewarned.


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aren't dey cute

There are multiple meanings for "Ugg" and I'm referring to most of them. Don't get me wrong, the overall results are these v. adorable hat and booties for my nephew Benny. But getting them done, that was... well, ugg.


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There are all sorts of injuries you can obtain while knitting. Typically, these fall into two main categories: boring but serious, or comical yet painful.

In the 'boring but serious' group you have the common ailment of knitting for too long until you have worn out/pulled a muscle in your hand/arm/shoulder/back. This requires time away from knitting to rest and repair the damage. Also, carpal tunnel is a biggie here. Not fun. Hurts like heck. But boring none-the-less.

Occasionally a fiasco happens while knitting which, after the injury and ego have healed sufficiently, is quite funny. Sitting on the pointing end of a needle or a yarn stash avalanche are two examples of this type of injury.

But those kinds of knitting mishaps are acceptable in this crafty world. Silly sometimes, but still allowable. Me? What makes me a sad little injured wuss? I have a bruise on the tip of my index finger from pushing yarn and stitches around my needles. Oh, how sad.

Of course, it's not noticeable so I can't garnish sympathy from friends or hubby. They see no boo-boo. It's like I'm cryin' over spilled Noro. And do you know how many things you do with the tip of your index finger? LOTS. Nearly everything. And it hurts every single time. Even typing this friggin' article hurts! (Hmmm, I wonder if I could avoid using the F, V, B, G, T, and R keys?)

So I am pansy. A wuss. I feel like I should be taunted in the halls. Young children should chase me and throw point protectors at me. I will run away and hide in the woods where I will have to learn latch hook to stay alive. Woe is me.

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I tried to figure out a way that I could have tied this one to the gadgets category, but I guess I will instead write my first knitting entry. Bear with me.


More hats, 'cause that's all I seem to be knitting. No, I'm not complaining. Just stating that all I seem to be knitting are hats. Hats are fine. Hats are okay. Hats are... well, hats. Not too complicated or technical; no great new stitches to learn. But they're good and steady knitting. Hats.


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Why it's a swift!

Yeah, all that for one silly little joke. Some days it just can't be helped.

My swift I purchased from J* arrived today via the friendly USPS. (Hey, has anyone seen the previews for the next Project Runway episode? Mmmm, uniforms. Anywho.) So now I'm all set up with the swift and ball winder. Of course, if I could only get someone else to KNIT, I'd be set.

I am v. excited about my swift, which shall be named Speedy (unless he proves otherwise). But it's a gloomy-gus day outside, so my image for you was procured from the J's website. Perhaps I'll have action pix for you later. If you're good.

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Sorry I was remiss in that last post. I forgot to tell you about the two new knit books I picked up. These are technically Xmas gifts, since they were purchased with a gift card from my SIL Lisa. (Who's Big Red hat was not shown in that last article.)

The first book, All Stitched Up, looks to have some pretty good basics to help me out when I need them. Finishing stitches and tips for basic construction are toted in this book and what I hope to reap from it. Like a friendly bit of advise now and then.

Knit Socks! is the second book and is to get my butt in gear about knitting socks. I currently have two different socks on needles, but they haven't been worked on since their inception. I have a basic pattern Chris gave to me (and has been happy with), but I feel like I need a little more hand-holding. Hence the book. (And typically I run from these cheezy-packaged books, but this time I think the cheeze may help.)

So thanks, Lisa, and I promise to get the hat out to ya' before the cold is gone.

What's up with the weather? One minute its warm and 70's, and the next it's below freezing at night. I don't know which to wear: warm cozy hat & mittens or flip-flops.

Okay, so the hat and mittens aren't for me. And no, they're not for C3PO either. (I apologize for appropriating C3PO as my model, but really - he doesn't mind a bit.) The Big Red hat is a Skittermagoo pattern and knit from Rowan Big Wool and Big Wool Tuft. The Big Red mittens are modified from a Rowan pattern (I'm writing the notes up on these, and still want to make a few additional modifications). And yes, that's an idiot cord connecting them!

This set (including a possible quickie scarf) is for my SIL, Rachel. They're part of her Xmas pressies. Oh sure, could she ever use them now! But she'll have to satisfy herself with looking at them on our blog until the rest of the stuff is done. (Sorry sissy.) There's a similar/different Big Red hat version for my other SIL, Lisa, which should be shipped soon.

The fancy, frou-frou flip-flops? Oh, they're mine. I picked up some plain ol' boring flip-flops from the store for the girls, and everyone brought some of their novelty yarn stash to share. A quick print of the pattern in a crocheted version and a knit version, and we're in business. What a fun project for my gal-pals, although only Angi got hers done AT the Slumber Party.

Dil, however, did not seem to care much for them. In fact, it put her off the catnip egg roll a bit. Nothing but nothing is moving her from those sun rays tho!

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click for a peek

What's this? Did we pick up another kitten? Has a witch turned our cats to knit toys? (I wish. Heck, Dil would be a bowling ball bag!) Nope, this is my new, hand-made by my rockin' secret pal Kathy, awesome iPuss. (Yeah, I was going to go with iPussy, but.... )


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What was waiting for me when I got home, but sweet lil' samples of yarn to play with. Yep - another batch of Elann's swatchable samples. This time, my pack consists of one creamy "parchment" and three olive colors.

I haven't knit with them yet, but I'll be sure to update this article once I do.

Isn't that the most swell mini-sweater ornament you've seen? A bit of knitting-holiday spirit from my Seasonal Stealthy Secret Pal. But that wasn't all! Continue reading for all of my holiday knit-bounty.


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A few projects were completed before the end of 2004 that I didn't get a change to post about. Prepare for a montage!


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Oh, could things get any better?

When I came home last night from the Rogue SSSP, I was giddy. When I picked up the mail, I hit the roof! I had gotten my first knittable samples from

Sure, I knew these were coming soon. I paid money and joined their 'sample skeins subscription' after all. And we were just talking about it at girls-knit-out. But it was still a nice surprise.

What did I get? Four swatchable samples of their new yarns for the month (December). They're all similar colors/hues (reds), and I think that I like them all. I haven't knitted the swatches up yet, but just you wait!

They also come with their newsletter about the yarns, which have small samples of the colors. I really like that feature. Call me silly, but that's 100x better than just printing the color sheets.

So I'm happy, ensconced in yarn and ignoring loads of boxes to unpack. yay me.

I finished by beanie cap. You know, that lurvly Silk Garden cap that I was ranting and raving about just a post or two ago. The green one. Well, guess what? It's not all green!

Oh, I knew that it wasn't going to stay all green. I saw the other colors and I even mentioned them in the other post. But what a shocking change from the greens that were happening. And how I lurve it! The hat fits snug and good on my noggin, and it's yummy-warm. The colors are great and it was fun to knit up.

So it's a FO. Yay! The pic here is the "extra" yarn that was left over from the skein. More than I was expecting, but don't worry - I know how to use it all up.

But I couldn't stop there, could I? (A knitter is never truly done knitting.) I've started some more project(s) and learned some new tricks/tips. I'm evolving into a right, fine knitter. yup.


Oh how the lords of plenty rained down upon us knitters last night. It was a beautiful thing to witness (and even better, 'cause I was part of it). The baubles! The fibers! The laughter and joy! I could just weep from the goodness of it all.

Last night, some rogue knitters (hi gals) I know had the first of two season secret-stealth pal (SSSP) exchanges. Does this even need explanation? Everyone's familiar with secret pal's right? (The recipient doesn't know who her gift-giver is.) We all snuck into the cafe carrying ambiguous brown grocery bags, secretly labeled with our pal's name. And then the fun started.

The bags were handed out to their intended parties (thanks, Sophie!) and everybody dug right in! Ahh, the sweet aroma mix of candles, soap, and body products! All the oohing and wowing, sharing and showing off that carried around the table. I can't even imagine what the other patrons or staff thought. (And who cares - I got kewl stuff!)

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I *heart* Silk Garden.

No, really. If I was single and mammals and materials could mate, I'd so have an affair with Noro Silk Garden. "Why not marry it then?" you might ask. Well, sheesh. If (wo)man and wool could have relations I doubt that I could commit to one brand, style, fiber, or colorway. Human - that's easy. I lurve me my Matty Bonez and neither need nor want anyone else. But yarn? Oh, yeah - I'm a 'ho.

Anywho, back on topic. I am currently knitting myself a hat, er... beanie from Noro Silk Garden in color #50. (What does #50 mean in terms of the color spectrum - heck if I know, but 50 it is.) Silk Garden is a variegated silk, kid mohair, and lamb's wool blend that is slightly thick 'n' thin schlubby. This particular colorway is full of royal purples and indigos, earthy blues and browns, and most likely the entire spectrum of "berry" color descriptors. But the yarn started out on green. Not just any green, however, but Kelly/leprechaun/emerald-friggin'-fairy green. Quite bright and quite beautiful.

The great thing about Silk Garden is that you don't know how the colors will go. What wonderment will magically be pulled from the skein next? I am currently working rows of a color that I can only describe as "remember as a kid when you would catch lightening bugs (aka fireflies or glowworms) and then scrape the light up parts onto a stick* - that color" green. Kind of mix of Mountain Dew® and Shrek®. Early spring grass stains on new (white) Keds®. As I knit, I can imagine the scent of freshly mowed grass and early morning dew.

As for the hat, it's the Silk Garden Beanie pattern from And she knits too! site. I'm knitting it in the round on US #6 dpns. I am admittedly not that good at dpns, but can only hope to get better as I trudge on.

I promise to post a pic in the next day or two, when I get a second. (Plus an exciting color chart that makes me giddy and silly.) So, who else has colors tied to memories, passages in books, scents, and dreams?

* Come on. You know you did this. Sure, it seems mean now, but it wasn't done out of cruelty just curiosity and wonder at that bit of beautiful magic these insects carried.

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Most of the time a project determines the fiber. But some times the fiber demands a project. Such was the case with three skeins of Berroco® Uxbridge Tweed I picked up at the Ewe's clearance rack a few weeks ago. (Did I mention that I heart their clearance rack?)

Not only that, but I heart Uxbridge Tweed! This stuff is lurvely. It's thick and warm and cushy; the texture is great and it doesn't reject pattern stitches. And it's no calm, snooty tweed - nope, it's jazzed up with some bits of color, like orange in my oatmeal & brown goodness. Pretty sweet, huh?

I first saw Kathy knitting with it and admired it then, so when I saw these three little skeins of yummy I had to pick them up. And they wanted to become a scarf. A mistake-rib scarf. And then a matching hat. (For this, I had to locate and purchase another skein at full, retail price from another store. Harrumph.)

I still have a bit more and it's crying out to become fingerless gloves, but I'm not listening. My other yarns are starting to call out to be heard now, too. All in good time, my lovelies. All in good time.

Click the pic for a closer look. This hat and scarf set is for my bro in MD. I hear it gets cold there.

We are getting ready to move to a house. (Yay!) And although I usually "enjoy" the packing process and the chance to de-clutter, this will be the first time having to move a stash. (Of yarn, silly!) And not only yarn, but fabrics too.

See, I've only recently taken up knitting, sewing, and quilting these past 2 1/2 years. So my stashes have been static (growing, but never moving). In the attempt to organize as I go, I did something crazy. I laid out my all my yarn on my bed. For all (Matt) to see.

Now, before you click to see the pictures, let me warn you (and perhaps chase off a few oglers and rubber-neckers out there) - there's a lot. To get a better understanding, all this yarn fit nicely into two 30 gallon tubs. 2 THIRTY gallon Rubbermaid-ish totes! Two hundred and twenty-seven liters of yarn! 227. You've been warned.


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To me, a project really isn't done until the recipient gets the item. Or that it's in the post, at least. And that's were niece #1 poncho is... in the mail. (no, really.)

This poncho had been lingering around here for a while, just waiting for me to tidy up the last bits & details. So with some encouragement from said niece, it was blocked, a flower pin was made (thnx, A.), and out into the post it went. Yay!

I really like how it turned out, and I hope she will too. (It's the Very Harlot Poncho, which was a joy to work on. Thnx, Stephanie.) I've requested a pic of niece wearing it, but I won't hold my breath. (It's a family trait to procrastinate, and my bro for all his talk is just the same.)

The flower pin turned out real well. My buddy A. crocheted it up in a flash, and then added the button form in no time. I sewed a pin fastener to the back and - voila. She can wear it with the pin, without, or add the pin to another outfit. Click here for a close-up of the flower (since it blends in so well).

Oh, if you're wondering 'bout those bones and the skeleton in the pix? No worries, that's just Bucky (who happens to be wearing my HalloWig at the time). No, that's not who I refer to when I talk about Bonez, tho - that would be Matty Bonez. Hubby extraordinaire.

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I've commented on the yumminess of yarns before and perhaps mentioned a tasty new pattern, but I never would've expected this!

Thanks to Pamelalala for snappin' the pic at the TX State Fair. What an imagination! What an awesome project! What the heck do ya' do with it now?!!!

But I'll use it as a lead off for my knits in review. Yeah, I've been a bad, bad blogger and haven't posted pix as they've happened. Yeah, I'm lame. But you're still reading... right? Hello? anyone???

A bit ago, I made some novelty yarn scarves (despite some opinions) that were fun. The yarns are fun. The knits and patterns are entertaining. Plus they're typically quick and get a good reaction from non-knitters that receive them as gifts. Good enough for me.

Here are three of said scarves waiting to be gifted. Starting from the left, this is a simple, garter stitch scarf using 2 balls of Patons Twister. Inexpensive yarn; easy knit; good for kids. Next, is a beautiful scarf made with Artful Yarns Portrait yarn in browns and blacks. The pattern came with the yarn and I really wish I could find it again. It was an easy "lace" pattern that I think turned out v. well. This yarn was luscious to work with, no matter those little hairy bits. And finally, a drop-stitch scarf using Berroco's Zen and Plume yarns. A closer look of these fine scarves can be found here.

And finally, my sweets. New yarn (purchased a while ago, but it's new until it's knit up IMHO) for the niece #2 poncho. The plan (but not a pattern yet) is to knit two rectangles the long way, bleeding the lighter and darker yarns into the main color and then edging with the furry bits. Sound good? Swell.

And the framed "art" in this pic? Well, my sweetie-pie Bonez saw this bit of needlepoint at the thrift and thought I should have it. It needs to be washed and cleaned a bit, but it makes me smile. Which, really, is all that counts. Right?

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How long can one go before posting an update about the weekend? I don't think I'll be able to figure it out because I'm caving. Fun stuff happened this past weekend and I wanna tell y'all about it. So read on, my friends. Read on.

First, let me point out that while I had to wake up early (5:30am on a Saturday, none-the-less!) to participate in the Race for the Cure with my buddies, Matt was representing the sleep-in crowd. In this foto, Dil is assisting by making sure he doesn't get up and ruin their effort.

But us girls had fun at the race, and then more fun afterwards. A small contingency from Dallas SnB walked the 5K for the cure. There were good crowds there, and I received many a comment about my HalloWig.

Oh, didn't I tell you? [I innocently query] I finished my HalloWig and wore in during the race. Here's a pic of it blocking (to get that bit o' curl to stay - yes, starch was involved). I added a small black bow on one side, which is quite cute if I say so myself. Of course, I don't have a pic of the bow or me walking. Sorry - assumptions were not met. So now I'm an ass, I guess. (Ooh, but so are "u". he he he)

Anywho... after the race, Chris and I picked up Angi and went to the Ewe. (Let's just say this is where the previous "I'm a 'FJM'" article came from.) Much fiber happiness occurred there. [pix soon to come, Pamelalala] Then we ate our well-earned free burritos from Chipotle (race participant giveaway). Yum.

And just to amuse you... my hair was SO completely messed up after wearing the wig during the race (constant readjustments because I didn't pin it in place), that I had to continue wearing the wig most of the day. Yep, in the Ewe. Yep, while ordering and eating my yummy burrito. Yep, driving around the greater DFW area. So if you saw an odd girl wearing a bright pink wig this past weekend, no - I didn't loose a bet. It was just silly ol' me.

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That is, a Fiber Junkie Monkey. I have a problem. I like my 'problem' and am not looking to kill this addiction just yet, but it seems to be a problem none-the-less. (Don't ask Bonez his opinion, tho.)

I like fiber [read: yarn]. Lots and lots o' yarn. And patterns. And needles. I fool myself thinking that I'll just pick up some yarn for this one little project. Then, as I browse through the store touching and squeezing ('cuz that's what ya' gotta do in a yarn store), I seem to be in a fiber induced zombie state. I get to the register and POW! I'm forced back into reality by handing over my monies for a big pile o' yarn. Wha-wha-what? How did this happen? Where did all this yarn come from?

Okay, so maybe not so much. I'm conscience and aware of what I'm doing the whole time. I bargain and argue with my inner accountant and task master about how these skeins would make a great [insert hand-knitted item] for [insert name of friend, family member, or body part]. I plead with them, trying to use the über softness or awesomeness of the yarn to my advantage. Skeins are put in the basket; skeins are taken out. There's a bit of compromising that goes on, but for the most part I get my way. And no, I'm not crazy - it just sounds that way.

So that's my confession of being a Fiber Junkie. How's the 'monkey' part come in? Well, adding "monkey" to most anything makes it funny and good. Silly, monkeys.

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Okay, so not THE debates. Just my debating over what my next knitting project will be. And there's a lot to decide between.

But instead of boring you with all the details, I'll give you quick satisfaction instead and tell you the outcome. (No. There's no voting.) I'm working on my HalloWig from the fall Knitty. It's fun, it's frivolous, and it's for me.

I swatched it after dinner and while preparing for the VP debate. My swatch seemed to make gauge okay, so rip-rip-rip back to the yarn pile and I cast on for my wig. Notice my drink in the pic: pink Kool-Aid (strawberry-kiwi) to match my knittin'.

I'm using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Bubblegum and knitting on my Denise US# 8 needles. During the debate, I was able to work on the start of it and I'm happy with my progress. But I could only take so much debate and so much 2x2 ribbing before I had to get up and do something else. Yeah, see how I've even switched to water - it was just too much.

This might become my lunchtime/work knitting project for a bit. Well, at least through this week. And no, I haven't forgotten about my knitting pile of wanna-be's and need-to-do's, and neither should you. For those of you that care, there's more to read.


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Today was Knit Out and Crochet, Too in DFW. There was a good crowd, although many SnBers were missing. It was at a HUGE Half Price Books store. I lurve this store. More books than I could shake a knitting needle at.

I had a great time, socialized, laughed, and got some knitting done. The niece #1 poncho, in fact. (no pix yet) But after that one success, my luck/"talent"/skills crashed a bit and there was a lot of nothing. Try and start a little something over here... nope. Rip, rip, rip. Give this other new project a whirl? No way! Rip, rip, rip. I think I may have fell into the frog pond face first.

What could possibly keep my spirits up while firmly ensconced on that lilypad? Free yarn.

And it doesn't take much, at that. My name was pulled from a hat, and I got to pick a prize from the table. (I wasn't first, nor was I last. Oh, and before you think me lucky - everyone got a prize by the end of the day.) Without much studying or research, I grabbed me up a curious lil' bag with three skeins of dark yarn and some circular needles. Turns out that it was Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in black (yum), Susan Bates US# 8 circs, and the pattern for the Ocean Waves Scarf. Perfect antidote for new knitting and a great change from girly scarves and ponchos.

For non-knitters' reference, 'KIP' is Knitting In Public. Thank you for reading this far.

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It doesn't seem like I've been knitting at all lately. Work is... well, work and it robs all the good hours of my day. But I have been knitting, a bit.

I've finished another ball of yarn on my niece's poncho (no pic, sorry), which is definitely progress. And I've knit up some scarves and things to sell at a local bazaar. (Again, no pix. My bad.) Mostly, though, I've sewn in the ends and did finishing work. I haven't heard yet if anything of mine sold, but I'm not too worried. If it sells, great - yarn money. If it doesn't, even better - completed holiday gifts. It's all good.

I did, however, get one little FO done. It's a pink wristband with a darker pink ribbon. A gaggle of us gals from SnB are planning to participate in the Race (er, walk) for the Cure. As something more to bind us together, we'll all wear hand-knitted wristbands.

You can thank Photoshop for that tough background!

As for the knitting details? The wristband pattern is from the Stitch 'n Bitch book, and we found an awareness ribbon chart online (here is one, I can't find the other now).

I didn't carry my two yarn (Lion Brand CottonEase) colors together like the pattern said, and I made the larger size. Since wristbands should be a *little* snug, it's too big and I plan to make another. Besides, I want to try out the other ribbon chart and add a third color. I'm also not v. happy about the seaming and may try it on circs next time.

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Amazing stories of fiber glory!

Tales of actual labor!

And a cat that's well enough to hate you and your blog reading ways!


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Well, I've gone and done it now! Yep, I've started a new blog.

Let me reassure you dear readers, this uppity little blog won't take the place of 'toys'. It's a just a side distraction; a fling, if you will. It doesn't mean anything. I love you.

I launched pOnchO-a-gOgO as a place for me and my knittin' friends to post about our current poncho projects. It's a group site and coincides with a nice poncho knit-a-long (KAL).

Bonez was amazing with the help and we knocked it out of the common Blogger slump and gave it some class; some pizzazz! Besides a hoot, this new blog will give me and my gal pals a better chance to play in the blog pond. (Not so much with the HTML, but sometimes you need floaties first.)

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Do you see that? That. The pile of what looks to be brightly colored spaghetti. That is 11 unfriendly rows of my poncho.

There were some incidents with an unhappy stitch marker and one dropped stitch (unrelated to the stitch marker). Eleven rows back, spirally down the path. Usually I don't have major issues with frogging an item, but when it's knit the round (circular needles) it seems to be a bit more of a hassle.

So I ripped. And now it's time to begin knitting again. In fact, apparently I'm passed due. There are a couple of folks that have started ponchos after me and have completed them. I guess I'm a slow poke knitter.

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All weekend I kept meaning to sit down at the computer and type up some articles. Really I did. But it just didn't happen. Things got in the way or I was tempted by the beauty of the interweb in it's other incarnations (re: blog reads).

So now I'm playing catch up because I do want to share with y'all, my faceless lurkers. (Um, not that you don't have a face. In fact, I'm sure you do. It's just that I'm guessing that I've never seen it. Except, of course, in the cases where I have. Like the SnB gals. And my hubby. And perhaps some other folks that I know, like my family. But hey - I'm getting off topic; and a little paranoid now.)

Just go to the 'read more' and ignore my crazy rant. please?


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I like stuff. You like stuff. Everybody likes stuff. Right? Well, of course! And today's stuff is extra special.

Funny story. I decided that I'm finally ready for Denise needles, so I order them online. Not two hours later I'm talking to my Bonez and he mentions that he ordered me the same Denise needles that morning. Gha?! What a sweetheart. So's I cancel my order and patiently wait for my anniversary interchangeable needles.

Okay, so it might not be a funny story at all. But I got my needles today, so there! And they're pretty darn swell. I played around with 'em a bit and swatched for my niece's poncho on the 11's. [purrrrrrrr] Smooth action.

I'm using Berroco Lullaby in Willy Winky (a purple, blue and green blend that's v. soft and cuddly). The pattern that I'm looking at is the Harlot Poncho. But you see where I've made some yarn-over drops (the lacy, kind of open part)? Well, I kind of like that too and want to incorporate it in the design. Plus, I'm thinking of changing the neckline. So pattern-schmattern, it's only a suggestion.

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Yesterday was Crafturday. Crafturday is my favorite day of the week!

What is Crafturday? Well, my child, let me explain. Crafturday is when one gathers with their crafty friends on a Saturday and together they summon the power of the craft. For good, not evil. It's a CRAFTy satURDAY. CRAFTURDAY!

Want to know more? Only those pure of mind and spirit may continue...


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It's been a long while, but I do have knitting updates for you.

A little bit here, a tad more there... nothing too exciting, but enough to share with y'all.


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Oh - what a great and wondrous plentitude waited for me when I got home! It's like I was showered in Berroco goodness and riches.

A great big THANKS to fireballhead for the PEZ 4 Yarn trade. This is what she got from my end of the bargain. (Of course, it's the hubby's PEZ so I made out like a bandit all around! Bwa-ha-ha.)


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A girl likes to have pretty things. Even while knitting. That's why there's "knitting jewelry" (stitch markers and row markers). A shiny bauble or more to have hanging about even during the most boring, garter-stitch drudgery.

Well, this crafty girl along with her gal pals Pamelalala, Petra and Kathy (see this? if y'all had websites, I could be spiffy and link them here) have gone and made their own.

I've made way too many for myself, but am a greedy with my preciouses. (Is it too late to make a Gollum reference?) I've made some as gifts and some for the heck of it - 'cause I liked the beads. It's addicting, I tell ya'. And it's not like knitting's not addictive enough, now I've got a beading habit to go with my fiber jones.

So here's a couple of pics o' knitting eye candy and perhaps a little instruction. I gotta get some knit on... like NOW!


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Shiver me Timbers!

Ahoy! With me learnin' intarsia from Tricot, I's gots me sea legs about me. I were in need of a ship warming gift for me bucko, Stina. So's I goes on account and gets me this here chart for the Jolly Roger.

I knitted a dishcloth smartly, an' no finer a rag thar be! Aye, the poop deck is a bit ravenged from t' twistin' yarns, but t' gunwalls are knit up in a beauty o' seed stitch.

Now I'll be takin' a caulk while me ship's careened and then I gets me en route again. No need for flashin' the black spot or threatenin' of Davy Jones' locker. Come about, if'n ye dare, and see what oth'r treasures I claim.

Aye, if'n ye be a landlubber, perhaps ye might try your lot here before ye gets hurt. For there'll be no quarter given to those that swing the lead.

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Progress for sure.

Yesterday at Stitch 'N Bitch, Chris and I knitted on and compared our Tricots. Chris started Tricot on the true tricotalong date: May 1. And you can see the difference! (She's allowed to taunt me with "My Tricot's bigger than yours!")

But I am getting there; slowly/surely. I've worked the decreases, increases, and am starting the armhole shaping. And to avoid too much mundanity (yeah- it's a word), I think I'll work a sleeve up before I start on the front.

by Nanc permanent link to article on 12-Jun

I am going to try to keep a record of my progress on Tricot. Pix, blog entries, the whole shebang. If I work on it; I'll record it.

Or at least that's my plan now.

So here we are at the beginning. I've swatched and made gauge, and I've started knitting up the back. I'm using Lion Brand® Cotton Ease in Blueberry (main color) and Pineapple (the stripes). The needles are simply Susan Bates (aluminum) circs in sizes US #6 and #8.

The pattern only calls for three rows of 2x2 ribbing, but I'd like a little more length, thank you. So I add some more rows to that and have worked the stockinette stitch up to the decreases (and then stopped for the night).

Look for more to come... soon!


Per request of a few, let me define "tricot" and give you a glimpse of what the finished product will (hopefully) look like. tri·cot n. A plain, warp-knitted cloth of any of various yarns. French, from tricoter, to knit.

The description at MagKnits calls it 'a sporty jersey-style sweater for the stylish soccer mom' and the pix can be seen here.

So does that give y'all a better idea of it? And for any lingering questions or curiosity, you can check out the tricotalong site. Enjoy!

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Okay, so it's been a while since I've posted anything knitting related. I have been knitting though, and getting quite a few Finished Objects (FO). I've just been too lazy to take pix or post. But I'm here to take back my knitting blog!

Stand back, world!


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I knitted up these two squares as part of a "comfortghan" for a woman from my charity crafting group. (Click pix for close-ups.)

Even though we've never met, there's a connection with the people that I meet online. We are working together for the same goals and a bond is created at the same time. Sometimes, it's a 'virtual' friendship with a fellow knitter or blogger, but a friendship none-the-less.

This phenomenon of online social communities has recently come up in conversation at a few different places. (Alyshajane and Loobylu to name two.)

Just think about it.


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I can now, if desired, do copious amounts of washing (dishes) with a variety of dishcloths. Um, ... yay?

I can't say that I'm thrilled with the prospect of hand-washing my dishes, but I am tickled with my selection of hand-knit cloths. I can finally throw out the kitchen sponge and all it's icky bacteria-ness, and enjoy a new dishcloth every day for a while.

There is a sum total of 11 dishrags and 2 scrubbies. Yup - these were knitted, too, with nylon netting (tulle). They were a little more difficult to knit, but since they only need to be a fraction of the size, I managed.

Come on, I know you wanna see 'em.


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... and Hershey® Caramel Kisses! oh, sweet heaven - life is good!

I finally made it to the Woolie Ewe and what glorious site that was! Yarn, yarn and more yarn - all fibers, colors and textures. Yum!

While I was there, I picked up Rowan® Big Wool and Lind 60® Tondo to make a felted purse. Some Crystal Palace® Cotton Chenille wanted to come home with me to become the Bloom Flower Washcloth from Weekend Knitting. And I couldn't resist a ball each of Gedifra® Shakira and GGH® Boboli in similar fern colors. What they'll become is a surprise.

Also in my basket was a Clover® Bamboo Circs US#15 and Chibi finishing needles. Plus later today, my Bonez got me the Spring/Summer issue of Vogue Knitting International. (Such a sweetie.)

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo AND my birthday month, Bonez and I went out to eat at El Fenix (we hit the geriatric "rush") and saw 'Mean Girls'. Yay - mean girls! Yay - the Tina Fey!

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Version: 1.1

KER+ Exp+ SPM@ Bam+(+) Steel+ Wood Loom+ Syn+@ Nov+ Cot+ Wool Lux- Stash(++) Scale>+ Fin Ent? Tex+ Felt> Int> Flat++ Circ>+ DPN> Swatch- KIP++ Blog+(+) SNB>+ FO>+ WIP(3) GaugeF-(S)W+B ALTQSw>+ Char+(+) Self>



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A while back, I blogged about knitting baby blankets for my friend K's twins. The one binky started out fine. I like the pattern and the yarn is great to work with. But... [y'all knew that was coming] It was going to take quite a bit more yarn that I had purchased (and it's not cheap yarn).

So instead of making two $70 blankets [eep!], I decided to pare down and knit up some sweater sets.


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Okay, what would YOU call them, huh?

It's the end pieces on knitting needles, usually -but not always- made from polymer clay. I've also seen buttons, glass beads, and acorn caps. They're there to stop your precious knitting from falling off the not-working end of the needles. Kind of what may stop your pants from falling down (if you're built right wink, wink).

Well, whatever you want to call them I've made a few for my new needles. (And no, none look like rear ends.)


by Nanc permanent link to article on 30-Mar

If you don't have two sticks to rub together to buy two sticks, er... knitting needles, you can simply and affordably make two sticks (respectively). Quite honestly, knitting needles aren't rocket science. Sure, fancier and pricier wood makes for fancier/pricier sticks. But for pure knitting goodness, you can easily make a pair (or five) from craft wood dowels.

This is an easy afternoon craft, with minimal mess and instant rewards. You can jazz it up a notch by making you're own needle ends from polymer clay, or keep it simple and glue a button or whatnot on the end of your needles.

So have some fun, be creative, and read more.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 27-Feb

and hopefully lovin', too.

I've started a new knitting project; a set of baby blankets for the twins. I'm still on the first part of the first one, so there's not much to show for my efforts yet. (But when has that stopped any blogger.) But I'm learning so much.

Come take a peek...


by Nanc permanent link to article on 26-Feb

Yay, it's done. I've finished my brother's Christmas gift... before St. Patrick's day. Okay, so my original goal was to finish and send it before Christmas, but ya' know how these things happen. (And if you don't, read here.) But from what I understand, it's still cool in Cincinnati, so I'm still good. Besides, there'll be another winter soon enough.

For the fact sheet, I used Lion Brand® Wool-Ease in Wheat on size US#8 needles. I learned a new technique using a bit of crochet to hold stitches and worked the first tail to the end, and then picked up the stitches off the crochet bit. There are 14" of the checkerboard pattern, then about 14" of ribbing which keeps the scarf cozy about the neck, and then another 14" of the pattern again. It's not a scarf to tie around your head, but to keep your neck warm and then dangle attractively for all to admire.

Click 'read more' for bonus photos of the "Matt" Seaman's Scarf.


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I just wanted to give a quick "shout out" to two hats I knitted up on my round loom.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 18-Feb

Or more appropriate, Mike's Christmas scarf.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 01-Feb

True to her word, Ang gave me some more cotton yarn in new (to me) and exciting colors. This will allow me to keep on making washcloths without purchasing any more yarn!

Can't you just feel the excitement? It's nearly tangible; this great energy rush all for a washcloth. (Well, at least the sarcasm is tangible.)


by Nanc permanent link to article on 31-Jan

Like a record, baby. Right round, round, round.

Happiness is getting a new knitting tool and being successful at it right away. Yay for my round knitting loom! Yay!


by Nanc permanent link to article on 21-Jan

I don't know why I skipped past the washcloths in my knitting journey. I mean, I made the requisite coasters and bookmarks. Washcloths were the next stop before scarves. (And I'm still there, it seems.) For whatever reason, I did and now I find myself backtracking.


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Everything has a balance of yin and yang. It makes the world a livable place and (most) people tolerable. This balance can be found demonstrated in some truly odd ways.

I crave order and planning. (Yin) I am a huge procrastinator. (Yang)

This works itself out in ways that could drive a normal person (or matty) nuts. I purchase organizational tools and gizmos for each and every occasion. But I never get around to entering the data or keeping up with the projects. I vowed that this time would be different!


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I was/am the secret Santa to my brother, Mike. (Secret's out, so no worries.) I had this great scarf in the works. Then I hit an obstacle. So I came up with a solution...

...that didn't work out in time.

And still no giftie for my bro. What a snafu.


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Within the past four months, I've seen a lot of knitting blogs referring to "Stash Reductions" and "Yarn Diets." I've been intrigued, but never jumped in.

Recently, it has come to my attention that I have more fabric and yarn than this home will hold. (Funny how if it's hidden in the back of the closet it doesn't really count. ;-) I've been found guilty of amassing masses of textiles and fibers.

Starting immediately, I am self-imposing the 2004 Stash Lock Down! program. It will be a tough-love situation with sweatshop-like conditions. An' I ain't gonna be no fabrics' biatch!


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I've put needles to yarn and have knitting up a Secret Santa gift for my mom to give to my nephew, Nakoda. (It's after the holidays, so I'm okay letting the secret out.)

And then I get gushy about the craft. Damn me for being a girl!


by Nanc permanent link to article on 05-Dec

This is the year of fluffy and foofoo girlie scarves. Bright splashes of color and the oh-so-many variations of eyelash and novelty yarns! It's really quite exciting, you see.

So I had to do my part. The scarf isn't so bright or foofoo-ey, but it does have the bright pink eyelash yarn going for it and it's definitely girlie.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 02-Dec

For his 6th birthday, I knitted up a striped hat for my nephew Liam.

I realized that a matching scarf would be great, but didn't have the time to do this before his birthday. So this is his belated birthday scarf.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 12-Nov

My great friend Krista and her husband found out that not only are they expecting, but that they'll be getting twin boys! How exciting for them.

Although I couldn't make it to the baby showers (which turned out okay, since she was uber-sick), I knitted up my first, and second, pair of baby tube socks.


by Nanc permanent link to article on 17-Jul

I've started knitting and have actually produced something not too horrid. Bucky will be more than happy to wear it in the Gryffindor common room. Admit it, you're intrigued now. At least take a look.