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And where will your pet sleep?

by Nanc filed under charity on January 7, 2004 10:01 AM

Every dog has it's day. Every cat has it's...

What? What do cats have? Whether cat, dog or ferret?, your pet may now have it's own bed to snuggle down in.

Pet beds: made by me; sold through eBay; supporting a good cause.

I'm working with a great organization, Feral Friends, a non-profit cat rescue group. They do way too much for me to discuss here, but take a look at their website. There's always stuff going on and good things being done.

One of my "jobs" with them is as a seamstress (ha!). Don't ask me how I fooled them into thinking I'm that, but I do produce a pretty good pet bed. Dil seems to like them - all of them!. (And yes, Dil's a big girl.) She's even testing them out for durability. (Anyone else think that the Samsonite gorilla has some new competition!)

Here's another stack of beds completed and ready for sale. I work with purchased or donated fabrics, and the profits go to support Feral Friends' adoption overhead, foster expenses, and feral TNR program.

Pet bed Jenga, anyone?

I sew other items for Feral Friends like catnip toys, Christmas stockings, and cat collars. If there's a sewing request, I try to make it. I also volunteer as an adoption counselor and however else I can help.

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