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Scarf #5 -Nakoda's SS

by Nanc filed under knitting on December 30, 2003 10:38 AM

I've put needles to yarn and have knitting up a Secret Santa gift for my mom to give to my nephew, Nakoda. (It's after the holidays, so I'm okay letting the secret out.)

And then I get gushy about the craft. Damn me for being a girl!

Scarves really are the easiest thing to knit. And they're not just for beginners (although that's what I am). They can be complicated and exhausting, or use irksome novelty yarns. But the best and favored scarves seem to be the simplest. Ones that you can zip through in a few evenings and enjoy the feel of the yarn moving through your hands.

Whoa! That was kind of weird, talking about yarn like that. I think that's part of this crafting sickness - when you wax poetic about materials and grope the fabric and yarn bins at stores.


I used Lion Brand® Jiffy in True Red. This is a great, heavier weight yarn to use and it worked up nicely. A K3,P3 ribbing pattern. The color is superb and great for a 9 yr old boy. In the foto, the scarf is still on the needles and being worked on. I used two skeins (6 oz) for the scarf and matching hat. Of course, I shipped it off before remembering to take a pix of the finished set.

And from what I hear, Nakoda liked his gift. Even played [gulp] jump rope with the scarf.

I had a third skein of this yarn and made an adult hat on my knitting loom.

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