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yarn update

by Nanc filed under knitting on January 3, 2005 12:12 PM

Isn't that the most swell mini-sweater ornament you've seen? A bit of knitting-holiday spirit from my Seasonal Stealthy Secret Pal. But that wasn't all! Continue reading for all of my holiday knit-bounty.

My SSSP got me some great goodies: a fun & funky flower ring, an "n" pin, some lip gloss, festive tissues, and a yummy candle. She got me some shelled pistachios (and you know how I feel about those!) in a cute lil' holiday mug. Plus my secret pal gave me that cute sweater ornament, two skeins of Debbie Bliss SoHo yarn in blues (color 05) and Crystal Palace Daisy size US#11 needles. So you see how much my pal rocks! And bonus... we have another gift exchange plus reveal in January!

I received two wonderful, gorgeous, fabulous, can't-say-enough-nice-things-about-them, wooden knitting needles from my MIL. One set of ebony needles, size 10 1/2 (US) and one set of coconut palm with rosewood top needles, size 19 (US)! (Yep, size 19s - eek!) But they're loverly and she went to a lot of trouble to find these, despite MI LYSs claiming no knowledge of ebony needles. (In this picture, they're posing with new yarn... which I'll get to in just a moment.)

My own mother got me the 'Everything You Need to Know About Knitting' book. And that's pretty kewl.

My sweet, kind (and possibly mental) husband got me the best: the ultimate gift certificate currency (cold hard cash) specifically set aside to be spent only at the Woolie Ewe - and their end-of-the-year sale. Ain't he a sweetie. I even bought some yarn up in Frankenmuth, but he didn't care - that is separate from my Ewe dollars. I *heart* Matty Bonez.

I wasn't certain what I would find in touristy Frankenmuth, but boy was I surprised. Not only did they have a nice yarn shop, Rapunzel's, but there was a wool factory close by, too.

I picked up two skeins of wool sock yarn at Zeilinger's and admired all their roving and the carding machines. (Maybe next year I'll try for a factory tour.) The gray yarn is 227 yards of sport weight wool & kid mohair fibers. The yellow is fingerling wool/kid mohair mix, approx. 335 yards, and a loverly color called sunshine. At Rapunzel's I bought some loverly Hand-Dyed yarn from Ami-Knit. It's 100% wool (Wool Once) and the color is Peach Tree. (Okay, so typically that name would have me turning the other way, but I just couldn't resist these colors. I think I'll call mine Nectarine Tree instead!) I also picked up two more skeins of Regia sock yarn. A nice bright 'Surf Color' cotton, and another hubby wool sock yarn.

And finally, my MIL asked me to knit her a hat. Now I ask you, how could I say no after her wonderfulness and those needles? Please let me insert a comment here that these colors are by no means my choice. She specified the colors and I only selected the yarns (from those available). What does the combination of that bright, bold red and A.F.K.A.P* royal purple mean? Yep, she's gone and joined The Red Hat Society! (No, this has nothing to do with open source. Geek.) The bold red yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted and the purple is Berroco Zoom. Now I just need to find the perfect pattern...

* Artist Formerly Known As Prince!

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Hi, this blog has been upgraded, but I'm leaving the old pages online until the search engines catch up. If you want to join the discussion, this may be the page you're looking for on the new site.

Posted by: chris on January 3, 2005 02:12 PM

Hmmmm, that zingy Regia looks a bit familiar . . . Aubyn and I unintentionally bought matching skeins at the sale on Friday!! Yeah, great minds and all that.

Posted by: Pamelalala on January 3, 2005 03:50 PM

I'm drooling over your needles and yarn!! What a haul!

Posted by: Lara on January 3, 2005 03:51 PM

Me too, the drool, the drool.

Posted by: Petra on January 3, 2005 04:38 PM

I got that SAME sock yarn for my hubby! I have a hat pattern for a felted hat that my MIL picked out. I will bring a copy to you tomorrow.

Posted by: Kathy Blythe on January 26, 2005 05:17 PM

Aww, NanC... thanks for the love!!! You are such an awesome & worthy secret pal to have! I am glad you liked the loot and especially the wonky 1- of- a- kindness of the I- Puss! I had lots of fun dreaming of what to buy & make for ya'. Oh, & by the way... remind me to show you a couple of possible patterns for those balls of the new Debbie Bliss yarn-- I couldn't show them to you before the "reveal" or it would've been too obvious!
Love ya!

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