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Let the birthdays begin!

by Nanc filed under sewing on March 6, 2007 08:52 AM

Nearly half of my knit grrls celebrate their birthdays this month; four of the nine of us. Doesn't that seem a little much? Especially when I happen to be making gifts this year and I've procrastinated for so long.

The first birthday on the calendar is Chris'. Wanna see what I made for her?

Since I painted, organized, and cleaned up my craft/guest bedroom, I've had the desire to get back to sewing. Don't freak out -- I'm still a hardcore knitter, but I was a sewer before I made my first knit.

Not wanting to dive head first into a complex project, I found an object that seemed simple enough and would be fun to wet my sewing whistle. It's the crafty bucket by Caro.

I've had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Caro a couple of times. She's pretty darn crafty (in the good way, not the cunning or evil way -- at least from what I know). And I caught her episode on Uncommon Threads for the crafty bucket. So together with the show and the instructions, I was ready to go.

The instructions are easy to follow, but I enjoyed the extra visual help of having the TV episode recorded. (Thanks, STiVo!) Especially when Caro does some clever tricks and fancy math. (I am more familiar with pie than pi.)

The crafty bucket didn't take a too long to make and I very much enjoy the finished object. But I wasn't done yet.

Since this was going to be a birthday gift, I wanted to jazz it up more. So I went back to Caro for inspiration again and made a matching wallet. (She calls it a coin purse, but I use mine as a blog card holder.)

And I didn't stop there! I also made a cute -imho- covered tape measure and attached a yarn cutter by ribbon. Isn't it all so grand?!

Well, I had better shake the lead out because I have a few more of these to make. Pronto!

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Hi, this blog has been upgraded, but I'm leaving the old pages online until the search engines catch up. If you want to join the discussion, this may be the page you're looking for on the new site.

Posted by: P-la on March 6, 2007 10:36 AM

Girl, you go with your crafty self!! It was a great gift (even more beautiful and crafty in person)! Way to go for whipping out your sewing skillz!

Posted by: Kathy on March 6, 2007 01:05 PM

Wow - that's terrific! I can't sew at all, so I'm really impressed. :)

Posted by: Jen da Purse Ho on March 6, 2007 03:51 PM

i'm soo jealous of your sewing skillz. i totally dig the bag. it's sooo cooool. :) you are a good friend. and yes..it's strange that half the knit grrls are march babies. :)

Posted by: aubyn on March 6, 2007 05:30 PM

in person that bag is greatness. you are the best.

Posted by: Petra on March 6, 2007 08:27 PM

WOW! I am impressed. That is SO cool! I can't wait to see it in person!

Posted by: chris on March 7, 2007 07:36 AM

Mmmmm, crafty buckettttttt . . . . y'all, this thing is even awesomer in person than it is in pictures (some of you know that firsthand)! And I'm just so verklempft that NanC made it for meeee! :)

Posted by: Rachel on March 7, 2007 08:20 AM

That bucket is so awesome. I think you need an etsy shop. I'll be your first customer.

Posted by: Mr. Splityarn on March 9, 2007 09:18 AM

"not the cunning or evil way..."

Oh no, there's plenty of good cunning and evil in there. That's why I married her!

Posted by: Tammy on March 9, 2007 04:56 PM

Nancy, I think the bucket is so cool as are all the accessories too! Sewing is something I so love, just wish I had the time to do more of it.
Andrew and I both are March babies too, it is THE BEST month of the year to be born in, in my humble opinion! Of course, when you turn 40 as I just did, I am not sure if you can still be called a baby, can you?!?!

Posted by: Lauren on March 17, 2007 01:51 AM

Excellent gifts!

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