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Slap Stitch was AWESOME!

by Nanc filed under knitting on March 19, 2007 03:14 PM

No, really. We (knitters) had a decent turn out in our section, the Stars won, and I saw a lot of knitting going on. Well, at least a fair amount of yarn and needles; who knows how many stitches got made. Keep reading for more of my account.

What a screaming good time! And I mean that literally. There was cheering and jeering, laughing and crying (from too much/too hard laughter), and a whole lot Ďo fun going on. The game itself was mighty exciting with the sudden death overtime and the bit of blood that was shed. (Not enough for some fans.)

We rode down on the DART in two groups and amazingly found each other in the masses. Nachos and other foods were obtained upon entry, and then it was just a matter of gobbling up our foodstuffs before the game and the knitting started.

A restriction on scissors and metal needles was in place, so I had to take a project that would be small, easy, and on wooden or plastic needles. Well truth be told, I havenít been knitting much lately. (New job + in-town visitors + outdoor yard work = no knitting time.)

My Momís First Socks are on hold since I discovered the two skeins are quite different tones of demin. Mattís sweater vest (hinted about here) is too big for this trip and frankly the yarn is too nice for that crowd. (Ask me about the stains on my t-shirt if you have any questions by what I mean.) So mitered squares it is!

What, I havenít told yíall about my mitered squares blanket? HuhÖ Well, that pretty much explains it all, doesnít it? Iím knitting mitered squares (from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book) from Sirdar Rio/Breeze leftovers (Squid blanket and Diva Baby blanket). Right now, Iím simply knitting the squares. Size and recipient will be figured out on the other end of this project. For now, itís just for fun.

Which brings us back to the hockey game. Very little knitting was accomplished by me as I was busy shouting to the players down on the ice. And laughing with my grrls. And clapping sexily. (Donít ask.)

I expect that there will be more knitting sports events in our future, preferably indoor or cooler events like this. Heck, maybe weíll move on to concert and cultural events, too. Wouldnít that be a hoot?! But for now, I need to get back to my home, quiet-time, relaxing knittingÖ although I may still scream out a few encouragements when called for. Just for the sport of it.

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Hi, this blog has been upgraded, but I'm leaving the old pages online until the search engines catch up. If you want to join the discussion, this may be the page you're looking for on the new site.

Posted by: Jen da Purse Ho on March 20, 2007 12:53 AM

OMG....that pic of Botgurl is HILARIOUS. I'm glad you chose not to put up that pic of me pouting like a whiny baby. hahahaah.
your mitered squares are so pretty!

Posted by: Rachel on March 20, 2007 09:19 AM

Dense question: Are you knitting the mitered squares in the round? Splain it to me please?

Posted by: mk on March 21, 2007 10:09 AM

Nancy! It was great to see you at Slap Stitch. I never get to SnB all the way from Denton; so, I never get to see y'all, but I will try to make it down some day soon.

I wish the hockey game was more conducive (Sp?) to socializing, but we had to knit and cheer our guys on - so plenty to do.

Knit Happy,

Posted by: Bot Gurl on March 22, 2007 10:14 PM

I'm really digging your blanket colors!

Posted by: P-la on March 24, 2007 07:15 PM

Nobody claps the way you do! One of the many reasons I love you.

Posted by: chris on March 27, 2007 11:06 AM

I dunno how I missed this post before, but I did! That pic of Lilyan is soooo good!

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